Sunday, December 20, 2020

Celebrating KC Holy COVID Nights 2020

This modern day plague has inspired people to examine their beliefs but not necessarily any particular church or temple. Accordingly, we share another glimpse at how faith communities are coping with precautions, restrictions and far fewer donations during the ongoing pandemic.

Take peek . . .

Faith Groups Across Kansas City Creatively Celebrate A Pandemic Winter's Holy Days

Pastor Ronald Lindsay's voice brightens as he talks about his church's past Christmas celebrations. "We do a variety of songs of faith and secular songs that are endearing to us in the moment of Christmas, have a few testimonies, maybe a story, a narrative that is moving that invites us to visit why the birth of Christ is important," he explains about his services at Concord Fortress of Hope in Kansas City, Missouri, where he's been the pastor for 30 years.

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