Celebrate Kansas City Weed Harvest!!!

The latest glimpse at FAILED policy in retreat as even NEXTGEN REPUBLICANS warn that holding onto old school prohibition policies risks undermining respect for the law.

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An inside look at the first legal marijuana harvest in Kansas City

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) - On Wednesday, Illicit Gardens celebrated the first legal harvest in the metro. They are housed in a non-descript building in an industrial area of Independence. The harvest of more than 100 pounds of what they call "top shelf" cannabis flower will yield half a million dollars wholesale, according to Adam Diltz, the chief operations officer of OXG, LLC.


  1. This is great but currently the prices are so fucking high the people setting the prices must be high.

    Hopefully it will balance out before too long, it will be nice in 2022 when Missouri finally legalizes recreational use and we can do away with all this silly shit


  2. Yes good I love people that are high they are easy targets. Looking forward to robbing you 1:56.

  3. ...thaz' right @1:56...c'mon over and try and find out what a half pound of Tanerite up your ass feels like...."time for batting practice"...


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