Celebrate Best Kansas City Hipsters 2020

Local music round-up of very talented locals who started begging online in earnest like everybody else this year.

Check-it . . .

KC Artists Best of 2020

While most tours have been canceled through mid-2021 and venues across the country have shuttered, musical artists on every level have had to change how they connect with their fans. For many local independent artists, this cuts deeper. Without the ability to tour or even gig around town for most of the year, they've lost vital income.


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  3. ^^ Not even close, Bud.

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    Maybe these musicians can all lick out the remains of the ice cream cartons Pelosi throws into the trash.

  5. That's their best? Um, wow I guess.

  6. ^^coming from a geriatric who thinks Matlock is art? Hard pass on your opinion Maude.

  7. Lived in KC my whole life and never heard of a single "artist."

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