Sunday, December 20, 2020

Catholic Medical Women's Group Revealed

A faith-based approach to healing, treatment and science offers an alternative look at the local medical scene . . . Read more:

Female Catholic medical support group strives for balance

by Susan Fotovich McCabe Special to The Leaven SHAWNEE - Inspired Catholics had high hopes and stood ready to serve at the conclusion of the archdiocesan-sponsored "Enflame Our Hearts, Homes and Communities" convocation one year ago. Then, a pandemic swept the globe.


Alpinista said...

If half of the country believes in fairy tales, & the other half doesn't, that is balance, of a sort.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So silly. You seem sad because nobody believes in you.

MDSF said... why has god done this to us?....'cause 'he'
LOVES us.....right? just like all the babies he murders inside their the still the birth defects.... and rational thinking will put 'god' where it belongs....down in the swamp where the 'RumpMonkey and his 'bot' wife are going to end up..
JAN. 20!!!...GONNA' BE A GOOD DAY!!!