In a thoughtful column, sadly hidden in a mostly forgotten local biz magazine, prolific Kansas City conservative Jack Cashill reveals how local media has severely limited the discourse and created a one-sided echo chamber. 

Mr. Cashill explains that "cancel culture" isn't a new phenomena but now threatens to totally silence divergent opinions whilst still garnering taxpayer support to prop up a smallish, elitist clique of pundits and journalists.

Check-it . . .

Ingram's: Community Dies in Darkness

Money line . . .

"The Kansas City “community” has morphed into a circle of the like-minded . . . Those within find redemption by decertifying those without. The decent are quick to call their preferred media outlet when the seemingly less-decent breach the zone with a rogue opinion."

To be fair, Mr. Cashill leans further to the right-wing than most mainstream local Republicans. However, his long list of books like his latest "Unmasking Obama" tome have garnered more nationwide interest than most cowtown politicos. 

Here at TKC we're more comfortable on the fringe of local opinion and serving as an ALTERNATIVE to most self-important partisan political polemics . . . However, we can't help but agree with the conservative scribe that the current social media and niche model of journalism at play in Kansas City hasn't helped to create any viable sense of community.

You decide . . .


  1. I miss Ruckus!

  2. Jack hits it out of the ball park again.

  3. It is obviously a conspiracy!

  4. Cancel culture strikes again further proving the extreme violent left wing nut jobs will kill you if you don’t agree with them.

  5. Yeah, Jack hit it out of the ballpark again.

    Too bad it was behind home plate.

  6. ^^^ yup, good observation since the batter mostly stands behind home plate to hit the ball out of the park!

    Jeez you’re stupid! Hahahahaha!


  7. Obama aka The Drone Killer. Read Jasy Brigde's story.

  8. Obama's greatest accomplishment was helping transgenders go into any bathroom. He and Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the two worst. His foreign relations efforts were laughable, along with Obamacare and the way he lied about keeping your doctor and low rates. Sending billions of taxpayer dollars to radical Iranian leaders under the cover of darkness was icing on the cake.

  9. @2:27 unfortunately, Cashill happened to be playing Tennis at the time!
    And the person standing behind Home Plate is the UMPIRE, not the Batter!

    As a philosopher once said...
    "Jeez you’re stupid! Hahahahaha!"

  10. Jack might want to take a stroll down memory lane back to when he and Steve Glorioso (and, sometimes, yours truly) were on talk radio KMBZ. Both conservative and liberal views shared a show. The FCC Fairness Doctrine required that both sides be given air time, not just one.

    Then Ronald Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine -- and shows like Jack's soon got bumped off the air for the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

    1. How would the fairness doctrine work for CNN, who today has been exposed for deliberately suppressing the Hunter Biden scandal in internal communications now made public?

  11. 3:39 you got your ass kicked quit doing the famous dimwit move of blaming everybody else for your own stupidity. Weird.

  12. Conservatives control more money than the pinko left. All businesses are hurting due to the virus but as the economy recovers the BLM supporting hippy dippy interest will lag behind as they attempt to fed themselves in their closed hypocritical world of social judgment.

  13. Yeah I don't think you understand the foul ball analogy when a batter swings so hard and so late that the ball goes behind him and over the stands...out of the park, but in the wrong direction entirely.

    That's Jack Cashill, all right.

  14. I remember when Jack Cashill was hawking Y2K scare videos alongside white supremacists! He's just as wrong today.


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