Wednesday, December 23, 2020

BikeWalk KC Works To Plan Kansas Transit

Prolific cowtown car haters want to help the Sunflower State "evolve" past using internal combustion engines to get to work.

Check their latest efforts . . .

KDOT Kicks off Active Transportation Planning

The Kansas Department of Transportation is embarking on their first update of the state's active transportation plan in 25 years. An exciting development, the "Kansas ATP will focus on how active transportation can be improved through better policies, planning, design and partnerships with other state agencies and local communities."


Anonymous said...

Extra points for hitting cyclists!

Skanky Harris said...

They do hate cars and anything else with an internal combustion engine.

If they had their way, Ford and GM plants in the metro would cease to exist.

Bunch's bitch's are very gay and woke.

Anonymous said...

Planning, design, and partnerships! Isn't that precious?

Fix the fucking roads.

Anonymous said...

Bicyclists = Environmentalist speed bumps

Anonymous said...

The green deal will perpetuate bike riding by making gasoline five bucks a gallon.