Activist Clay Chastain Champions Old School Direct Democracy In Ongoing Petition Fight

An important update from this town's most prolific petition and the only guy to win a citywide fixed rail transit vote . . . Here's his latest presser:

Mayor Quinton Lucas & City shut down Democracy, Clay Chastain fights to turn it back on

At City Hall, the proliferation of misbehavior against the public interest is boundless. KC's Big Brother Government is now scheming in US District Court (Case #...694RK) to keep We the Voters from Voting on a petition signed by 3,000 KC Voters.

Led by Attorney's Mayor Quinton Lucas and Galen Beaufort, the City has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against the City by the Committee of Petitioners.  If you can't win fairly on legal merits, act in bad faith and try to win on bogus technicalities. In this instance, Beaufort is trying to get the case thrown out over superficial errors in how the Committee's Complaint was served upon the City.  Similar to the Hunter Biden cover up, KC's MSM has refused to promulgate any news coverage of the lawsuit concerning the City's legal misconduct. When a government is sued for failure to place a valid petition on the ballot for 602 days (without explanation), that should be a news story.

Undaunted, Clay Chastain continues to contend for the truth against an establishment that has fallen in line against the people's Constitutional right to petition the government without government interference.

We are a nation whose civil order is maintained by law and the courts. Right now We the People are worlds apart from a City that is out of order.  We pray this federal court will put back in order Kansas City's Petition Election Process.

Clay Chastain


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  1. "We are a nation whose civil order is maintained by law and the courts."

    And Clay's gonna have tolearn that the hard way.

  2. That's only true when the courts decide to hear the case or not. See Supreme Court.

  3. Tweedledumb a and Tweedledumber.
    You couldn't better summarize what passes for civic affairs and local government in KCMO.
    What an embarrassment!

  4. Clay Chastain is the good guy here!!! You keep trying to screw the citizens of KC over and over again, and he is the ONLY one who cares enough to challenge the powers at city hall. I say go for it Clay, dont know how you have the stamina to keep fighting this corruptness but keep at it, we need someone to hold them accountable.

  5. There is no Hunter Biden coverup.

    1. Not for long, anyway. ;)

  6. Clay Chastain has linked himself to closely Trump. and now has to pay for the error of his ways by sinking into nastiness and obscurity along with his Beloved Leader.

  7. ............Warning!! Whoop! Warning!! Whoop. Whoop!! Warning!!
    Unemployed basement BLM imbecile Alpinista is awake and active. Be prepared for amazing stupidity as evidenced by his post 1:34 post.

    Remarks may include such terms as: CHUD, geezer, MAGAT, Maude, Trumptard and weird. Often starts with two or more silly ^^ marks.

    It is strongly recommended one should ignore what he/she/it posts as it may cause permanent brain damage.

  8. ^^^ Such as Brain Damage that would cause you to continuously cut and paste posts starting with "Whoop?


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