And now, for a sweet moment we can enjoy a brief moment of pure enjoyment of hottie Lucy cleaning whilst the facade of "ethics reform" is FAILED to shine among voters.

More to point . . . The Show-Me State rejected this white knight redistricting scheme the second time around despite a great deal of out-of-state money flowing into the contest and spamming every local social media outlet. 

In fairness, here's what the reformers share . . . 

Clean Missouri: We came up short.

We are very disappointed that the politicians' lies and deception were effective enough to pass Amendment 3.

Thousands of volunteers from across the state and across the political spectrum have been working for years to pass and then defend fair redistricting rules in our constitution, and today we came up short.

Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring as fair an outcome as possible when new maps are drawn in 2021. Amendment 3 was written to allow for truly radical gerrymandering, but it does not require it. The broad, bipartisan coalition that passed the Clean Missouri Amendment will be active and engaged in the 2021 redistricting process to ensure that voters and communities come first in new maps, not politicians.

Thank you, for everything. We will be in touch. Onward,

The Clean Missouri Team

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Springfield News-Leader: Amendment 3 - Effort to overturn Clean Missouri redistricting poised to pass narrowly

Developing . . .


  1. Yep, seems the Republicans want "Dirty Missouri" - fits better into their strategies.

  2. I'm not sure that the party of Hunter "Burisma" Biden and "pay to play" Clintons should make value judgments.

  3. ^^^^ I’m glad the monster who lost to Joe, “the worst Presidential candidate ever,” Biden will now, “leave the country,” in utter disgrace!

  4. I bet most Missouri votes didn't even understand the convoluted language put forth by the corrupt Missouri legislature. They are so stupid they didn't understand they were voting against their self interest. Sad little dimwits.


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