Wednesday, November 11, 2020

UMKC Settles For 'Virtual' Graduation 2020

Kangaroos talk about one more let down after finishing their time at the 4th choice city college.


UMKC students voice opinions on virtual graduation

As the fall semester comes to a close, students who will be graduating in December are coming to terms with UMKC's decision to hold a virtual commencement as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The move is not unlike that of many other universities across the country who have shifted graduations and ceremonies to a virtual format during the pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder why this wasn't done years ago during other flu and viruses???? Control the masses!

Anonymous said...

My only gripe is they and all other colleges are still charging outrageous fees for graduation, they’re not costing the colleges much money for these online graduations but by god they’re still charging full price. I’m going to one this fall and they’re only letting fifty kids at a time graduate and then you can have only two people per student go. They’re running them through like cattle and you have to leave immediately. Crying damn shame.