In less than two weeks after Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a coronavirus crackdown on local small biz, four five independent Kansas City restaurants have shut down and hundreds of residents have lost their jobs.

Update . . . After 17 years of business, Bluestem just announced that they'll close next month.

Anyhoo . . .

The Mayor has focused his defense on mask mandates but even his supporters have failed to answer questions regarding on the severity of the the KC COVID CURFEW . . . 


Of course the inquiring minds of party people would love to know . . .

Nevertheless . . . 

Remember that last week our blog community was FIRST to report lawsuit threats against Mayor Q and his strict push back that mostly targets small biz.

Recently, conservative talker Pete Mundo shared his insights and perspective on the lawsuit . . .

One of the best talkers in town noted info that confirms our FIRST news . .

"After speaking tonight with business owners in #KCMO... there will be at least one lawsuit (which will include multiple businesses) officially filed against the city over the new #COVID19 restrictions announced soon. I'm not a lawyer (shocker, I know), but it'll be interesting."

The Mayor was quick to reply with a reference to legal setbacks to COVID restriction challenges in STL.

Moreover . . .


“People often ask me, ‘How long will these orders be around?’” he said. “And I know I got a lot of hate mail and a few death threats and other things back when we extended our mask mandate back in the summer all the way through January. It appears that not only was that the right decision, but we’ll have to extend longer.”

To be fair, Dr. Fauci confirms that masks will be part of American life for "many months" and most experts agree that a vaccine won't end the U.S. coronavirus crisis any time soon. Ergo, it's likely curfew restrictions will also continue amid the "dark days" of Winter 2020. 

To sum up, a courtroom battle looms over Mayor Q amid growing outcry from small biz and the public's worsening "covid fatigue" now becomes palpable despite dire warnings of more American pandemic deaths.

Developing . . .


  1. covid comes after dark.

    Sounds sexy!

  2. Nothing good happens after 10.

  3. Then everything ought to shut down by 6 pm.

  4. Correction regarding the suit in St. Louis; the restraining order was denied but the suit was not struck down and will continue.

  5. Vying for the dem covid relief's easier than actually trying to work and succeed.

  6. And 30% of Demoncraps think Biden stole the election.

  7. TRUTH - if this virus was a fraction as deadly as the the dems, msm, and billionaire globalists want you to believe there would be no need for a law requiring you to stay home or businesses to close, you would stay home on your own accord.

    Who you gonna believe the proven lying msm or your lying eyes?

  8. Funny, nobody is mad at the Chinese for hiding the existance of the virus for 2 months, allowing it to spread.

    Nobody is suing them. Or asking for 1 cent. People here just blame other Americans for it.

    We are not very smart.

  9. Democrats Push To Keep Schools Closed So Kids Will Be Dumb Enough To Accept Socialism

  10. It's a plague on our nation: homeschooling. From religious weirdos to dummies who don't think the public school system is teaching us English very good, parents are flocking to homeschooling in droves.

    But you don't have to sit idly by while kids in your neighborhood suffer. You can be on the lookout for kids who are homeschooled, so you can be sure their weirdness doesn't rub off on your kiddos. Here are ten easy-to-recognize warning signs that someone in your community is homeschooled:

    1. They can do simple math problems in their head. This is an obvious one, but if they don't have to take their shoes off to do 5x6 or 9+2, they're probably homeschooled.

    2. They read books. Also, they know what a book is.

    3. They use big words and phrases like "Hello" and "Greetings, good sir, what a jolly fine day it is." This one's a toss-up: they're either homeschooled or British. If they have a pipe and monocle, they're probably just British.

    4. They snort in derision whenever they hear the phrase "Millions of years ago..." Eye-rolling also occurs from time to time, or they respond with, "Well, actually..."

    5. They count all the way to 10 during hide-and-seek. Public school kids often start mumbling around six or seven, which are toughies.

    6. They put "science" in air quotes. Whenever they talk about "science," look for the tell-tale air quotes and mocking tone.

    7. They think "Fortnite" is a reference to a two-week period of time. As it should be.

    8. On the girls, the floor-length denim skirts are a dead giveaway. If it's a boy wearing a denim skirt, then he's definitely a public-schooler.

    9. When they hear "Homer," they think "Iliad" rather than "Simpson." To be honest, they're not even sure what The Simpsons is.

    10. They are polite, thoughtful, and well-adjusted. This is a sure sign of a homeschooled kid. Dangerous and terrifying.

    Remember, if you see something, say something.

  11. Democratic politicians' kneejerk reaction to any crisis is authoritarian - issue orders to the proles. It's just who they are.

  12. The Citizens should have a Class Action lawsuit against the City. Bankrupt the City .Its a Blue City .THE BANANA REPUBLIC OF THE PLAINS .THE MOST INCOMPETENT MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL EVER .IN 5 YEARS the City will be a ghost town .Commercial real Estate is going to crash .THE NEW Apartments in Midtown and Westport will have few people. YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEONE WHO DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY .OR WANT TO SPEND IT. Your conventions and Tourists will be few. COME ON QUINTA USE COMMON SENSE OR YOUR CITY WILL BURN.

  13. Q has outsmarted mandate, you must wear a blindfold with your mask so you cannot see what is really going on.

  14. Pete Mundo is a pompous fool with NO medical training.

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  16. The mayor probably will want to quarantine your house pets next. The World Health Organization has said that dogs CAN'T GET THE CORONA. Just to be sure you understand what I just said, WHO let the dogs out.

    By the way, I used my Corona stimulus check and bought baby chicks, so, I got money for nothing and chicks for free.

    Tony thinks this Corona quarantine is great!!! For decades his mom had been telling him he would never accomplish anything by laying in bed all day. Now he tells her he is saving the world.

    The fuckin mayor has shut down the bars at 10PM and now Happy Hour starts at 1PM. If this shit keeps up, I'll be pouring whiskey in my cereal.

    That fat fuck Rex Archer is pouring on the pounds during the quarantine. the buttons on his shirt are now officially, "Socially Distant".

    The fuckin mayor is like a bad girlfriend. Sports are all cancelled, the bars are closed and the guys all have to stay at home.

    Masks don't work, "Lockdowns" are pernicious, counterproductive and is killing the local economy. The mayor and the many other governors and politicians who are killing their own constituents with onerous and ridiculous unconstitutional rules and regulations are nanny state, narcissistic, power hungry morons who are not effected by the economic fires they have set, that are burning their cities to the ground.

    1. "The fuckin mayor is like a bad girlfriend."

      And you're our resident streetcorner psychotic. So what?

      Were you trying to be funny? Yet another miserable chuck fail.

    2. Also, masks work, so shut the fuck up. It's not even a debatable point.

    3. Sell much extra crispy today, chuck?

  17. Here's a funny coronavirus joke chuck, I had an old idiot neighbor who spouted unfounded conspiracy theories, was sure (with no evidence at all) Hugo Chavez stole the election from his glorious hero Donald Trump, ignored science, had no common sense whatsoever and was a selfish piece of shit.

    He died of COVID and nobody missed him a bit.


  18. The mayor's hero is Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon. Oregon just legalized crack and meth. The Governor wants citizens to call the police and turn in their neighbors if they have more than 6 people at Thanksgiving dinner.

    It's ok to smoke crack in Oregon, but not your turkey.

    If the mayor is KC could get away with it, he would shut the whole city down and arrest anyone who (Like in Australia, where this ACTUALLY HAPPENS) goes outside and walks their dogs.

    Democrats are Fascist, totalitarian anti-American, anti-Constitutional, wanna be Einsatzgruppen thugs.

    1. And Republicans lie through their teeth, favor the rich, maintain your precious White Male Reality and give not two shits about the country, just their own self-interest.

      And they're sore losers too, now.

      What's your point? And why aren't you shouting this bullshit at the corner of 87th and Mission?

  19. You anonymous pukes will always love me. I take the positions and represent the sins you will never have the courage to commit.

    1. We can't wait until you die chuck

  20. Hey chuckles is the earth flat too?

  21. What about the reptiles masquerading as humans, chuck. Are they Democrats too?

  22. 3:54 he told the same lie about blue springs last week, no wonder nobody listens to mayor mcfool, he can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

  23. Chuck you did good hitting the target today, sissy boi is mad and making all kinds of stupid comments!

    Well done sir!

  24. We're all just teasing a deranged old man. It's fun.

  25. mayor Himmler, the lord high priest of the holy face rag can go jump in Troost Lake. Our mayor is a newly ordained priest in the Covid religion. Did the mayor just pass a law? Is it a fiat decree?

    It's not a PANDEMIC, it is a PLANDEMIC.

    That masks ave been proven, over and over to not be effective against viruses is proof enough. This isn't about the pandemic it's about control. Next we'll all have to have listening devices in our homes, not allowed to turn them off, cause, you know, Covid. And locks on the doors that only let you OUT by scanning your Cert Of Vaccination on your device.

    We keep being told that masks are the best preventative measure we have at combatting the supposed virus. That they are effective at preventing the spread of infection.

    Yet based on reported cases, the infection has been spreading faster every single place mask mandates have been put in place.

    It is like selling a birth control pill that is less than 1% effective and forcing all women who aren't going through menopause to take it, then wonder why women keep getting pregnant.

    The imbeciles in charge will focus on the one woman out of 10,000 that didn't and say, "See, the pill prevents pregnancy.

    If you want to wear a mask, by all means, put on the holy mask. Forcing someone else to wear one, is Fascism, plain and simple.

  26. President Trump ushers in three new vaccines to defeat corona virus.

    President Trump brings us the highest returns on our 401k's as the stock market exceeds 30,000. THIS DURING A PANDEMIC !

    President Trump cut our income taxes.

    President Trump's most current year records the LOWEST carbon emissions in United States history.

    President Trump ended our 20 year wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East bringing our troops home.

    President Trump kept the United States out of any new wars.

    President Trump rebuilt our military and Veterans Hospitals.

    Meanwhile, Democrat Party controlled cities like Kansas City, Chicago, Baltimore, New York City have descended into murder, businesses closing and hundreds of thousands of its citizens fleeing these shitholes.

    Anybody that voted for Biden was a complete idiot and hurt only their own pocketbook. Communist China, Joe Biden, his son Hunter, Pelosi and Wall Street are laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of those who voted for them.

    Insanity is voting Democrat Party year after year simply because one buys into the elite corporate media drumming the racist divisiveness propaganda. Look at your own city run by the corrupt Democrat Party. It is falling apart.

  27. Typical liberal. I did something stupid and it didn't work so the answer is to extend the stupidity and ignore reality.

    Q makes me miss Funkhouser.

  28. "Yet based on reported cases, the infection has been spreading faster every single place mask mandates have been put in place."

    Here's proof you're wrong, chuck

    oh look here's more

    wow chuck you're a moron

  29. ^^^ shut up dickhead

  30. 9:07 chucks bombs are hitting the target! Hahahahaha!

  31. 9:07 everybody in kc is wearing masks and according to mayor mcdumbo we have 70,000 cases and we got 1300 in one day. Of course this is all a lie but hey to each their own amirite!


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