TKC Started Kansas Partisan Hack 'Journalism" Slap Fight In Kansas

We warned our blog community that sparks would fly as newsies debated COVID numbers in Kansas.

In fairness, we share this note from Sunflower State conservatives wherein they take on progressive adherence to the official and ever evolving MSM pandemic narrative.


Kansas Reflector legislative coverage puts media bias on full display - The Sentinel

Media bias comes in many flavors; making outright false claims, slipping editorial statements in news stories to push a political viewpoint, excluding relevant information to mislead readers, selectively using code words to undercut the validity of information, and making unfounded accusations are among the most common.


  1. Thank god for media bias, or my dad wouldn't have any votes at all and EVERYONE would know about my laptop with naked images of me with my 14 yr old niece and of course, verifiable, irrefutable, undeniable evidence of my dad's "Pay To Play" activities all over the world, which, include selling F-35 tech to the Red Chinese that - wait for it - they are using right now, in the Red Chinese Air Force.

    But that phone call that Trump made, now THAT was bad.

  2. This is actually a great article, dead on the money.


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