Tuesday, November 17, 2020


The first day of new Kansas City pandemic restrictions have sparked an explosion of local layoffs as small biz struggles to stay alive and has been forced to sacrifice workers amid declining revenue.

To wit . . .


This is a rough and CONSERVATIVE estimate that was done with the help of TKC readers, social media reports and a few local biz owners & workers sending notes our way.

So far, here's the breakdown . . .

- 25 employees were laid off in Westport on day one.

- 3 local hotels stopped hiring housekeepers and, in total, let go more than 50 people.

-  An event planner was forced to stop the employment of 10 part-time workers and up to 15 day workers for gigs during the holidays. 

- A local photog sent us a note and says he'll be forced to withdraw employment opportunities for 5 workers. 

- Because there will be fewer people out & about, insiders tell us that a local convenience store chain has decided to let go 30 more workers. 

- A KC car retail chain will be terminating 20 workers.

- Our friends at local, independently owned Mexican restaurants report that more than 75 employees will be laid off in the coming weeks. 

- An urban nightclub will announce a shut down later this week leaving close to two dozen workers looking for employment. 

Also . . .


Many of these folks will be forced to take a pay cut and will certainly lose money whilst looking for work. 

Moreover, these aren't just numbers, these are REAL PEOPLE enduring economic suffering because of this order and they're lashing out at city hall via social media right now. 

Here's a recent comment from one of the Mayor's social media outlets that has resonated and inspired both support and debate . . .

"Just thought I'd drop in and say thanks. Your ridiculous policies have cost me the job I have had for 28 years and the business will most likely be done completely by December. Covid didn't kill it...you did. I am more likely to get shot and killed in KCMO than to die FROM Covid."

Accordingly . . .  

Mayor Q has pressured Prez Trump, Guv Parson and Missouri GOP Senators to work for federal stimulus in order to assist the economic hardship but, so far, there's no immediate help on the way. 

For now, check this more concise view of COVID-19 orders that will hopefully prevent the spread of the pandemic but certainly have created a great deal of economic hardship in Kansas City.

Check the links . . .

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Channel 9: Weddings, receptions not exempt from Kansas City's new COVID-19 restrictions

Channel 5: Kansas City doctors plead for patience as first vaccine gets closer to reality

KSHB: Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce distributing free face masks

KMBC: Bars, restaurants once again look at tightened COVID-19 restrictions

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Gotta put it more simply than that T.

Quinton Lucas Killed Kansas City.

Have to admit I feel extremely guilty because I voted for the guy. At the time he seemed like a better option, now I'm not sure that's true.

Greer said...

I bet people would sign that recall now.

Too bad there never was one in the first place.

It was a false flag from the mayor. The social media group was quickly taken private and disbanded. A good trick. I bet people would vote for a recall now.

Miss Allen said...

The mayor is doing the best he can.

He is trying to save lives. I hope the economy will come back stronger but we need to keep people safe right now.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Jobs or lives?

What's your priority and preference?

Anonymous said...

A person isn't going to be alive very long without a job or at least some kind of income.

Anonymous said...

Quinton will make sure the gay bars remain open.

Anonymous said...

Lockdowns didn't help New York or California. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

During WWII, Americans were willing to fight and even to die to maintain our way of life. In 2020, Americans will give up their way of life because of a minuscule chance of dying. The Greatest Generation spits on you from their graves.

Anonymous said...

Bandit is the real kool aid drinker, in countries like the "shit hole" ones described by the dear leader there are fewer deaths per thousand population than 'merica. Could it be they don't like freedom? Nope they are smarter than the bandit and his ilk. Another case of 'merican exceptionalism, number one in deaths, killing more 'mericans than WWI,II, Korea and Vietnam and the gulf wars combined.

Still waiting on the miracle on election day........drink that kool aid bandit and like the other deniers you will get sick and hopefully there is room to treat you.

Bandit said...

YOUR business is closed and YOUR kids can’t go to school because we need to protect elderly mask hypocrites like Dianne Feinstein from Covid-19


Wear a mask if it makes you feel good but do everyone else a favor and shut the hell up about it to others. Nobody is running around telling you to take yours off. YOU are no better than anyone else. ENOUGH with the uber-paranoid, control freak, bed wetting, bullcrap already!

P.S. Make sure that you pay your taxes by December 31 even though Q Ball is doing his best to make sure that you don't have a job. And if you don't have a job? Don't worry. Jackson County will tack on a nick delinquent penalty for you and you can pay even more later. Be a good little plebe and do your part! It's going to be FUN watching Jackson County cry about tax revenues being "substantially lower" than expected in January. 😏🍿

Anonymous said...

Q is doing the best that he can.

What is missing from this blog is any solutions or answers to how we can fix this problem and save people's lives.

The only thing I see is denial and blame.

Better to give people real answers than just useless complaining. Quinton is doing that and trying to keep people safe, can't fault him for that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

'It's probably not enough' - KC doctor says new metro COVID restrictions miss the mark

Maybe, but we can't all be Johnson County doctors who play golf most days.

Anonymous said...

Shut down the bars.

Most of them are lame to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Lucas wants us who are working to pay for his asshole policies. When it comes to crime Lucas wants no federal law enforcement but when it comes to his retarded virus crap he sure holds a hand out then.

Fuck Lucas!

Fuck Biden!

Bandit said...

Pretty simple, Q ball needs to quit meddling and let people be responsible for themselves. Through his actions he has taken responsibility for everyone and therefore is due all the blame. Doesn't affect me at all. This crap is a large part of why I left in the first place. He cannot meddle in EVERYTHING and expect good results. Doubt me? See also Venezuela or Cuba. The man is a unknowledgeable micromanager of the highest order. Good luck Kansas City! You're gonna need it! 😏🍿

Anonymous said...

10:47 and 11:55 answered their own post tying to make you believe someone likes them. True democrap he has to be.

Lucas isn't doing a damn thin right. The spreading is all from nonhygienic practices in homes, schools and business.

His fucking orders and curfews will do nothing.

Anonymous said...

That much closer to the democrat utopian welfare state.

Anonymous said...

Q doesn't know what he's doing. He has never owned a business or worked a REAL job and doesn't know how people make money in the real world. His decisions come from a serious lack of knowledge about the reality of running a small business.

Anonymous said...

A shame that KC jobs are being sacrificed for more stimulus. Really doubt that anybody worries about how much people here are suffering financially.

Anonymous said...

Weather is nice today. Great time to look at houses in Parkville.

Anonymous said...

The level of ignorance shown by bandit is beyond the pale, personal responsibility has gotten us 260,000 dead 'mericans leading the world, beating all the shit hole countries by a mile. The kool aid drinkers like bandit are unable to discern between reality and the tales of a reality TV show. You will die of your own ignorance.

Anonymous said...


And yet, he'll probably be fine. Just like most Americans. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^hope not though.

chuck said...

12:29, no Bandit is correct.

There is a categorical, straight line reference from the "Lockdowns" & draconian policies of Democrat mayors and governors to the economic stress inflicted on innocent citizens who have done nothing but try to make a living and support their families. At first it was "Flattening the curve" but then, like all Democrats, this mayor decided to "Never let a crisis go to waste" and unconstitutionally handed down Papal/Mayoral Bull(shit)s that he hopes will geld the middle class and make them accountable to a central government for there WELFARE.

It is all about control and manipulation. The "curve" was flattened 9 months ago, and yet here we are, putting the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens in the service industry right back into their parents, or somebody's basement.

The death rate is zilch, the rate of infection is up, AS WE ALL FUCKIN KNOW, BECUASE OF MORE TESTING and yet once again, a do gooder, holier than thou, sanctimonious, "I know best", "it takes a village" idiot/mayor is feeding his own ego, wrecking people's lives and destroying his city's economy as fast as he can say, "Russian Collusion!!!"

Here's some breaking news Mr. Mayor, the fuckin Covid, has no idea, what time it is. That's because, you anencephalic dolt, it's a fuckin virus and a fuckin virus is gonna do one thing and one thing only, it's gonna "VIRUS".

Bend your knee!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Obviously, you're rooting against the USA and every American. Typical anti social pretend "progressive" who simply wants destruction not cooperation.

Just as bad as MAGA in my opinion.

People have a right to disagree. The real problem is that people like Q who think they're right step all over the rights of everyone else.

This lockdown is bunk and so are most of the protesters who constantly complain but never volunteer to help.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment by Chuck.

I can only add that KC needs jobs, not more politics.

Anonymous said...

And THIS is how Kansas City went bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Q: I killed KC businesses to show people I care!

Q: Not my fault businesses failed and citizens are losing jobs. It’s Washington’s and Parson’s fault for giving me $$$$$!!!!!

Anonymous said...

chuck, I encourage you go help out in a hospital COVID-19 ward for a few days and see how oppressed and controlled everybody is.

Preferably without a mask.

Anonymous said...

“...NOT giving me $$

Anonymous said...

Its simple Lucas is a deep state Democrat funded by Soros. Hes trying to turn the nation to communism. Its time for us to rise up and stop these deep state dems.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame lack of second stimulus on Trump. It's all in Nasty Nancy Pelosi's lap. She refused to budge off her and the Dems goal of having the federal government bail out blue states who made horrible decisions with their pensions and economies. Typical, typical.

Anonymous said...

“Their last dying words are, ‘This can’t be happening. It’s not real,’” Doering, a South Dakota nurse, said, adding that some patients prefer to believe that they have pneumonia or other diseases rather than covid-19, despite seeing their positive test results.

All because of the misinformation people like Chuck Lowe spreads.

Hope you feel real good about yourself, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Texas has a $600 billion pension deficit. When did they become a blue state?

Anonymous said...

Good. That’s 250 MAGATS not stealing company money by providing zero value as an employee. Enjoy the SOCIALIST unemployment and food stamps you despise, cockroaches. Also, thank you President Trump for putting your own supporters out of work with complete incompetence. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

chuck I'll never forget what you said when Trump got the virus you firmly believed was relased from a lab on purpose:

I mean Trump has the Covid, but, it he survives, he wins the whole pot.

I can just see him, shakin a bottle of Hydroxychloroquine full of pills in the microphone at the next debate and telling everyone, "I was right, they were wrong, Hydroxy works and they lied, THAT'S why so many died".

Progressives are praying to Satan in hell that Trump dies, because if he doesn't, Trump will crucify them on this shit.

Good times.

And as usual, crackpot city.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Trump "This morning, three Brazilian people died from Covid-19.”

Trump’s face went egg-shell white with shock. The blood drained from his face and to everyone’s amazement he collapsed on the floor.

Minutes passed and, to everyone’s relief, Trump got up shakily and then sat back on his chair.

His staff was nothing less than stunned at this display of emotion from Donald Trump, nervously watching as he sat, head in hands.

Finally, Trump looked up and with a shaky quivering voice asked Dr Fauci, "How many people is a brazillion?"

chuck said...

1:23 I just didn't realize that the election would be so, SO rigged. He DID win, hell I bet he won 40 states and 55 to 60% of the popular vote. It is so, SO rigged.

By the way, you are a BIG fan!

Do you keep all of my comments?


chuck said...

12:59 I don't have the influence that our shitheel mayor does, but, I can read and your definition of "Misinformation" just means that your opinion, in your mind is like some holy, handed down from the mount/god's lips to your ears truth.

It is not. Your emotions are not facts.






Again, ANYONE with just a cursory interest in the Covid, KNOWS by now, that the elderly and folks with co-morbidity problems are at risk. The rest are a categorical anomaly.

The average age of people who die of Covid? 78

The average age of Americans when they die? 78

Spread your lies and fear somewhere else moron.

Retro ROCKER said...

Myself and most of Tonyskansascity readers stated this three months ago. Quint will destroy K.C.MO.IT'S not the President that Destroyed community's. It's your Mayor City Council.And County Executive. Many small towns in Missouri are doing well. Because they don't have a Mayor Destroying it. REMEMBER KANSAS CITY IS A BANANA REPUBLIC. It will be a third world city.

Retro ROCKER said...

11:55 This is not rocket science.

Retro ROCKER said...

Other Missouri Towns are doing well. It's the Mayor and City's council. 11:55 YOU must be on the Mayors,destruction force. Taking up for a Q.BALL

Bandit said...

Q ball is playing checkers while everybody else is playing chess. He ain't right in the head.

Anonymous said...

Your idiocy is easily searchable

Anonymous said...

Yeah chuck 250,000 deaths is nothing, right?

Let's shoot for a MILLION, you callous simp.

https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2020/11/17/cnns-viral-covid-19-nurse-might-have-overembellished-a-bit-n281204 said...

12:59 Jesus. You and your CNN nurse, of course, to NO ONE'S SURPRISE, are fuckin liars.


Goddamn you Democrats just look right into the camera and lie your fuckin ass off and think we are all just gonna nod our heads. LIARS!!!

Adam Schiff said...

That was pretty good, even I appreciate that level of mendacity.

Anonymous said...

Stick to your little conservative bubble, Chuckles, and don't spread that shit around here

chuck said...

Read 12:59's comment and then read that REDSTATE article.



Again, CNN, 12:59 and Democrats - if their lips are moving, they are lying.

Anonymous said...

and it will only get worse nationwide if Joe Bidet/Kamaltoe scam their way into power..

ANY White person who voted Democrat is insane.

Anonymous said...

3:27 you actually WANT to be lied to?

Read 12:59 and read the article - it will take 20 seconds to breeze through it and it is just what Lucas is doing. Misleading, exaggerating and then manipulating his electorate.

Enjoy the lies stupid.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet I am not controlled. You on the other hand are obviously controlled by the multiple voices in your head. How does it feel to be so wrong all the time? Goddamn, you're so fucking dumb!

Anonymous said...

The Truth. Face it. Embrace it. Live it.

The 2020 Election was rigged & fraudulent. @realDonaldTrump won a landslide re-election.

Joe Biden & many others won nothing more than a long prison term.https://t.co/lbaO7dxJUS

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 17, 2020

chuck said...

3:43 you can call me all the names you want, the article reveals, categorically, that CNN and the nurse are full of fucking shit and 12:59 is a tool for believing it.

You calling me names doesn't mean shit and doesn't change the truth.

Anonymous said...

(we know you can't read, don't be ashamed)

Anonymous said...

There is a well known association with a Wuhan bio weapons lab.

Anonymous said...

That nurse ought to lose her license for violating HIPPA laws. And CNN should be sued by all the families of those who died from COVID in that county for defamation. Maybe AT&T will give CNN away for free, at some point?

Anonymous said...

Ok, chuck. You're:


Unable to reason.



Off your rocker.




Easily influenced.





And, finally:


chuck said...

4:02 the literally millions of blinkered, myopic, salt of the earth idiots like you, are indeed, a force multiplier for the perfidy, lies and malfeasance of the 4th Estate, the Deep State and the pernicious, obviously counterproductive initiatives like this "LOCKDOWN" which are your legacy.

Get cancer in your fuckin eyes.

Anonymous said...

And probably doesn't have to use an online thesaurus.

Play again y/n

Anonymous said...

2:36 is still working on that reading comprehension thing.

Anonymous said...

What? Humor isn't for you, and Fauci is a corrupt hack.

Anonymous said...

2:36 pm, you've lost your perspective. There are almost 330 million people in the US. 250k poor souls have allegedly died from COVID, but we know that number is over reported because people who die in car accidents but tested positive for COVID are listed as COVID deaths. But in any event, that is less than .01% of the US population. Easily transmitted, yes. Deadly, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:02 you forgot "pathetic."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ true let's not forget how much trouble that guy has caused in KC. ANd obviously politically biased.

Anonymous said...

3:21 - no one is clicking on fucking redstate.com. I mean, the name of the site is fucking redstate.com.

Give me a fucking break. Why don't you just link infowars while you're at it dumbass.

Anonymous said...

5:26 Information is information.

Nurse Doering, a Marquette grad and licensed Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP), lives in a little town called Woonsocket, in Sanborn County. Sanborn County has had just one COVID-19 death since the beginning of the pandemic, according to South Dakota’s COVID-19 statistics website, which provides data from all the different regions and counties in South Dakota, and USFacts.org. That death occurred in October.

She works at Huron Medical Regional Center part time. According to the hospital’s marketing lead, with whom RedState spoke this morning, the hospital has only seen six deaths total since the beginning of the outbreak, compared to 22 deaths total in the entire county of Beadle, where HRMC is located. At HRMC there are currently only six non-critical COVID-19 patients in the hospital, one of whom is in the ICU. There are no patients currently on ventilators, according to the State’s COVID-19 statistics page.

Of the six deaths identified, RedState was able to determine that one was the tragic case of a 21-year-old mother of three who died back in May. Without revealing the identity of the mother, RedState has determined that she likely was not a patient who denied the existence of the virus. That leaves us with five patients that died at the hospital since the beginning of the outbreak, whom we have not been able to identify. RedState was not able to determine whether or not Doering was working at the time of any of the deaths. She could have been there for all five, or there for none of them. The narrative that Doering appeared to be weaving does is not supported by the facts.

(Here, if you are NOT as stupid as 5:26 and are interested in facts, you can look at the stats posted BY THE MEDICAL CENTER IN THE ARTICLE)

Doering’s social media postings clearly show she leans hard left. Her actions leave some very difficult questions as to why Doering would have violated patient privacy laws in the case her accounts are true, and some even more difficult questions if she has made the case up. Even if she were telling the truth about one patient, the story that she’s witnessing this on a consistent and regular basis appears to be a complete fabrication. As you can see from the statistic above, Huron Regional Medical Center does not have an alarmingly high patient load, the region seems safe in their capacities, and there isn’t a single patient in the region on a ventilator.

Doering’s account on Twitter and during her CNN interview imply that these events are happening consistently, that she was encountering this problem on a regular basis. While Doering may have witnessed her described situation once or twice (or at the most five times over eight months), the way the media blew it up made it seem like she was in a full COVID-19 treatment ward that was encountering this situation multiple times a day. From stats and the data available, as well as contact with the hospital, that appears to just not be the case.

Anonymous said...

Because CNN is so reliable and impartial! A variety of sources only confuses the citizens! The only horseshit we want them to see is liberal horseshit!

Bandit said...

I ordered somea these 🤣

Bandit said...

And some these 🤣


Bandit said...

Over the arget as usual. Millie has is sock puppets out. 😏🍿

Unknown said...

Don't blame yourself. Jolie Social Justus would have done the same. They're all fascists.

MDSF said...

....I ordered this one...TranzyBandoot has it's beak so far up it's ass, it's shit doesn't know where the fuck to go, so it'comes out it's beak...and runs in a loop.....just like the 'RumpMonkey in D.C. ....HA! Fuckin' losers!