Saturday, November 14, 2020

Thundergong Swan Song: More Deets On Jason Sudeikis & Heartbreak Split

A Kansas City virtual music fest hits a high note on Saturday night. Sadly, good deeds aren't as important or captivating as celebrities proving just as horrible as everyone else when it comes to keeping relationships together. 

Yet again . . . We call SHAME!!! on Kansas City media for downplaying the lovelorn troubles of Thundergong's celeb host if only because it might actually interest people in watching an otherwise lame Internets livestream that works to benefit a great cause.

Accordingly, we share a polite consideration of celeb split that's more important that your parent's messy and humiliating divorce AND offers a classy guide to the decline of the American family.


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis End Engagement After 7 Years: 'Their Children Are the Priority'

The couple share son Otis Alexander, 6, and daughter Daisy Josephine, 4 The Booksmart director, 36, and the Ted Lasso star, 45, have split, ending their engagement of more than seven years, PEOPLE has exclusively learned. "The split happened at the beginning of the year," a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE.


Anonymous said...

She is pretty hot. It's hard to believe it, but seriously, no matter how hot a chick it, some guy, somewhere is sick of fuckin her and sick of her shit.

Some guy actually broke up with Demi Rose. Prima Facie!

What can I tell ya. In the end, you gotta get along to get along no matter how hot you are.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are these people again?

Anonymous said...

7 year engagement?

They never had any plans to get married.

Anonymous said...

She was the best thing that happened for whatever that fundraiser was they have every year, now it’s gonna be boring

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these people.

Anonymous said...

She will be missed, him not so much

Anonymous said...

The sad part is Jason doesn’t have anything to do with his other kids so you know he won’t do anything for these kids, total piece of crap.

Clayton Bigsby said...

He will be getting blown by Eric Stonestreet by Monday

Anonymous said...

Otis & Daisy are Jason's ONLY children. Why trash-talk people when you don't know the facts?