Saturday, November 07, 2020


Nothing is settled. 

American Democracy remains in flux because that's how it was designed. Meanwhile, the people who really run things haven't been concerned about losing power since their last real problem was solved on November 22, 1963.

And no . . .

American troops will NEVER completely withdraw from Afghanistan

In fact, if it ever did happen, that might be even more worrisome than forever war to keep the supply of McNuggets running smoothly.

Don't label TKC a pessimist, just a realist and a firm believer that the USA remains the greatest nation in all of the world for many reasons but mostly because the citizenry habitually suspend disbelief and actively pretend that voters have even a modicum of power.

Sure, a former game show host and some other elderly white dude are actively fighting for control of American Democracy . . . Because that's what the mainstream media says and all of it makes an engaging distraction which prevents questions about the ruling class whilst inflation is the ONLY election outcome Americans can count on . . .

But I digress . . .

The reality is that the election sock puppet slap fight is the greatest show on Earth and there's no use pointing out a big picture "Kansas City Shuffle" if there's nothing anybody can do about it.

And so, we share this election part deux news instead . . .

USA On The Mend

Joe Biden, in his first speech as president-elect, urges unity: 'Time to heal in America'

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Joe Biden called on Americans to come together and heal Saturday in his first speech since winning the presidency. "This is the time to heal in America," he said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware that capped off a day of celebrations and impromptu parades nationwide.


Trump accuses Biden of 'rushing to falsely pose as winner'

Moments after Joe Biden was projected to be the victor in the 2020 election, President Trump accused the Democrat of "rushing to falsely pose as the winner" and vowed to go forward with lawsuits contesting results in some states.

Friends & Enemies Considered

World Leaders Congratulate Biden On Win, And Some Celebrate Trump's Defeat

Reactions to Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election poured in Saturday from world leaders expressing everything from congratulations for the president-elect to relief at President Trump's defeat. The statements came after the Associated Press called the election for Biden and without a concession from Trump, who prematurely declared victory and has sought to halt ballot counting in several key states.

Destiny Or Denial?!?

'This isn't over!': Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

Chanting "This isn't over!" and "Stop the steal," supporters of President Donald Trump protested at state capitols across the country Saturday, refusing to accept defeat and echoing Trump's unsubstantiated allegations that the Democrats won by fraud. From Atlanta and Tallahassee to Austin, Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix, crowds ranging in size from a few dozen to [...]

KC Activists Party

Biden's projected win brings rallies, mixed reaction in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Shortly after NBC News projected Joe Biden has enough electoral votes to become the 46th president of the United States, supporters in Kansas City, Missouri, gathered at Mill Creek Park near the Country Club Plaza. Cheers and honks rang out for hours with supporters holding signs, jubilant about Biden's presidency.

Newsie D-Day Explained

EXPLAINER: Why AP called Pennsylvania for Biden

WHY AP CALLED PENNSYLVANIA FOR BIDEN: Four years ago, President Donald Trump breached the Democrats' "blue wall," narrowly winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin - a trio of Great Lakes states that had long served as a bulwark against Republican presidential candidates.

Social Media Smacks Down Prez Trump Statements

Twitter masking nearly 20 Trump election tweets after latest round of labeling

Twitter's decision to mask five election-related tweets from President Trump on Saturday takes the total number of posts hidden on his widely followed account this week to nearly 20.

Local Legal Eagles Share Court Fight Overview

KC metro expert breaks down President Trump's legal fight over voter fraud

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Donald Trump and his legal team continue their accusations of voter fraud after it was reported that President-elect Joe Biden was projected to be the winner. Within minutes of the announcement, Trump and his campaign released a statement saying, "the election is far from over."

And all of this inspires tonight’s playlist . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a SAFE & FUN Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

it is over and it should have happened far sooner.

Anonymous said...

Us will leave Afghanistan when China tells us to.

Anonymous said...


Don't be a b*tch. Kamala has it all figured out.

Barney said...

A couple of interesting links in this sad sack post. Good for you for at least pretending to like Jim Reeves, I guess you must have been paying attention to smarter people at some point.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants Trump out. He should admit defeat for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

Next step is to put him and his kids in jail.

Anonymous said...

So here is how a free election works:

When Trump is ahead all voting stops, he wins.
When Biden is behind the voting stops, he loses.
Anything else and I sue you!

That is all,
Best Regards,
Donald Trump

chuck said...

"Joe Biden, in his first speech as president-elect, urges unity: 'Time to heal in America'"

Fuck you Joe. We will heal about the time the sand trap sized herpes sores on your dumbass kid's dick heal up from fucking his dead brother's wife's kid.

You Progressive pieces of shit never for one second let Trump, an actually duly elected president alone for even a second. Lies about "Russian Collusion", Impeachment over a phone call about your actual categorically proven corruption in the Ukraine and now, a stolen election and a call for unity????????????????????????????

Fuck you - you lying, treasonous, seditious, piece of shit.

Fuck "unity" bring on the fuckin war you shitheel puke.

Anonymous said...

^^^ THERE's a balanced and conciliatory view!
Okay, we get it, Trump supporters hate America because America didn't do what Trump wanted!
And did you complain when Obama was trying to put this Country back together after the Republican disaster of Baby Bush, or did you cheer the traitors in the Republican controlled Congress on when they tried to stymie his every effort?

EIGHT YEARS your Party made this Country suffer because you didn't want the "duly-elected President" to accomplish anything, but Obama was able to pull this Country out of the hole your Party's economic Insanity created, so you revile him - obviously you Republicans want this Country and its People to be economically devastated.

Your "duly elected" President rode two years of the Obama momentum, then the effect of his TRIPLING THE DEFICIT slammed his "greatest beautiful Economy" to a stop! Other than cutting taxes on the Wealthy, he wasn't able to do a damned thing, EVEN THOUGH he and the Republicans controlled the Executive, Legislative AND Judicial branches!

So fuck you, and fuck every one of you hypocritical asswipes!
You aren't needed, the American People are back in charge!
The goal of the American People now has to be to break your hold on the Senate in 2022, and then to get this Country back on track and get the run-away Deficit YOU CREATED under control, just as Clinton and Obama had to!

Anonymous said...

Hey chuck 10:12 why don't you buy a one way ticket out of the country.

Anonymous said...

10:33 well said.

chuck said...

Fuck you right back cocksucker.

I hated the Bushes and voted for Obama. Big fuckin mistake. Racist puke who divided the country and weaponized the deep state. Speaking of which, the Deep State and Big Tech will be running this country, NOT Americans.

Tony is sure as hell right about that.

Get ready for hella depression next summer when all of those "executive orders" hit. Open borders and 22 million new voters! Yippee!!! There is nothing as wonderful as a one party system run by bureaucrats from a central location holding all of the purse strings.

Just ask the folks in Hong Kong how wonderful it is!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Why don’t you grab a gun and go die for your country MAGAT FAGGOT?

Anonymous said...

Panty-wearing Trump was just knocked out by Sleepy Joe-fucking-Biden. Read that carefully. Trump lost to the worst Presidential candidate in US history. MAGATs throughout KC should be rounded up and sent to FEMA trailer camps once we’ve taken ALL of their guns.


Old Man Witherspoon on the corner said...

So, are you MAGA CHUDS, Proudboys and the like going to take to the streets and refresh the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants?

If the election was stolen as you claim then what could you possibly be waiting for?

What were all those purchased guns for? All those Punisher decals on the truck?

It wasn't all just schoolboy posturing was it?

Yep, I reckon that it surely was. Pussies.

Anonymous said...

So chuck, you've finally completely wigged out. That last rant sounds like your intake interview to the local Laughing Academy.

I figured your hero losing (and he lost, fair and square, accept the fact he's totally incompetent and should be removed by Pence and his cabinet as he has nothing to respond with except baseless lawsuits and will only cause more needless pandemic deaths by staying president) would do it but jeez louise you're over-the-top insane now.

It is what it is, right?

Whatever the case, maybe you should rant on a street corner going forward instead of here. People will just mock you endlessly, which will only increase your rage, and then you'll go out and do something dumb like kill an innocent person.

Why not do the right thing and disappear again.


Anonymous said...

If you want a war so badly, chuck, why not impale yourself on your Trump 2020 flag and be the first martyr

chuck said...

11:12 Eat shit and die. Just because you libs all mouth the words, "There was no election fraud", doesn't mean, you dumbfuck that there was no election fraud. Here is the deal, it's not just me, it's 70 million voters and their families and friends and, yes, even you you liar.

YOU know it was rigged and so does everyone.

So just keep running your mouth and pretending that the shit is not gonna hit the fan.

Facts are facts and the people, yep, on both sides, whether they admit it or not, know it's true.

Biden and his family, the DNC, the deep state, the media and Big Tech stole the election in the dark of night and again, lie to yourself if it makes you feel better, but a liar is what you and your candidate are.

Anonymous said...

China joe hasn't officially won shit so.....

It’s time for the despicable depraved dimwit followers to get on their knees and do what they do best, suck dick. Heal yourselves dumbasses because you all need Jesus, you sick fucks blame everybody else for the racism, hatred, violence, murders and destruction that you brought on yourselves. I’ve never seen a group of idiots do all these things and them blame someone else, you people are sick and no amount of “healing” is gonna fix you so go suck your dick and then fuck off and die, please die a horrible death while your at it. Worthless pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

That’s another thing, the senate will never give up on prosecuting dementia joe and his crime family, the demonrats are the lyinest, most crooked stealing pieces of shit the world has ever seen but hey it’s everybody else’s fault so I guess if it works for kolored people then it will certainly work for demoncraps amirite! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

70 million racist worthless pieces of dog crap voted for creepy sleepy joe and now the rest of us normal people are gonna pay the price for stupid racist idiots, gee thanks cocksuckers.

Anonymous said...

It’s amazing how two days after the election when joe blow was down 75,000 votes at 1:00 in the morning he’s suddenly gets 107.000 votes to take a lead in his home state, nothing suspicious there at all. Now with that being said Trump is down in three states with less than a combined 40,000 votes, there’s suddenly no way he can win, how is that? Biden can get 107,000 votes but Trump can’t beat a stage that he’s behind by 8,000 votes. The dimwit party screamed bloody murder when their boy was down 75,000 and he could come back but not the president, they said he can’t get the needed votes and he should just give up. I for one am glad he’s challenging every state that obvious corruption has occurred. And let’s not forget what hilly told joe several weeks before the election, never concede the election to Trump, nevar so I’m guessing it’s only fair that the President gets the same opportunity amirite.

Poor baby dimwits can’t handle when someone else does the exact same things they do. Sad.

Anonymous said...

^^It’s called math, I’d explain it to you, but it’s based in science and fact and it would be lost on you. Trumptard. Go kill yourself MAGAT.

Steve said...

The body counts due to homicides in black neighborhoods and democrat run cities like Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. will continue to rise as long as we have ‘blame all white people and defund the police’ mentality democrat, SJW voters and pandering politicians. And, for whatever reason, poverty breeds more poverty without any desire to break the cycle and realize that self control and self accountability brings greater opportunities. No empty suited democrat is EVER going to do anything for you except punish those who may give you that opportunity by way of Marxism and redistribution of welfare. If you think the next four years are going to be any better for you, you are going to be in for a big disappointment.

Steve said...

It’s called ‘democrat fraud by way of mail in voting’. They knew they couldn’t win, so they had an opportunity thanks to the Chinese Red Death to impose a unreliable voting scheme which allows for ballot harvesting and votes that always seem to magically disappear or appear.

Anonymous said...

Typical violent left wing extremist at 11:48, you have serious anger issues and should be put down like rabid dog.

You graduated from kcps so you don’t know what math is, I’d explain it to you but your too stupid to understand it.

Anonymous said...

11:48 what’s your problem lady? Couldn’t find a fat chick in Westport to lick your disease infested pussy tonight?

Anonymous said...

11:48 thinks hiden joe biden will pay for her sex change, get a job and pay for it yourself you worthless scum bag.

Alpinista said...

10:33, that was beautiful.

The election is over. Trump's been denying reality for some time so he may never accept defeat. No one's going to save him. He lost. Fair & Square.

I hear the KKK is looking for a new Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

Mr Trump:

Paid just $750 in tax
Made fun of dead US Servicemen and refused to visit their Normandy graves
Made fun of Biden bus being surrounded in road rage incident and forced to slow down to 20 mph
Made fun of John Mccain 1 week after he died
Made fun of GW Bush when he made a statement about Corvid19
Wants to fire Dr Fauci
Told White Supremecy group to stand by
Is accused of rape by a reporter
Went bankrupt in the 1980's
Married and divorced many times
Took outlawed the drug hydrocloroquine in secret
Wanted to cure Covid by inhaling chlorox
Made a fake church appearance as a press spot
Claims he can assualt many women and get away with it

AND YOU PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM? You people just dont care. Or are stupid.

Anonymous said...

MAGA 2020!



Up-Chuck is just pissed his predictions of a White America agenda implemented with the GOP retaking the House and Trump getting 360 electoral votes were so wrong.

Anonymous said...

And yet the Republicans did advance in Congress and hold the Senate. Weird.

Unknown said...

Turn about is fair play. Every time a libtard said "but Trump didn't win the popular vote" Dems undermined not Trump's legitimacy, but the legitimacy of the system itself. Too bad you weren't smart enough to see it. Well, here it is. Joe Biden did not win on November 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Whats going to be funny. Is that these young dumb Democrats. Are getting a government that they will horrfy them in years to come. COMMUNISM. I dont think it can be debated that Joe Biden has dementia. He does. Everything that has happened I have predicted correctly. Virus made more serious than it is. So have mail in ballots so they could rig election. Next prediction. Biden will be declared to be mentally unfit for office. Harris a communist becomes President. She will disarm the USA. Military and police. Folkscwhen this happens there's a possibility Red China will invade the United States. We are in deep trouble. I myself will not have anything to do with a Democrat ever again. My hopes and prayers are for the legal teams of Trump to undo this fraud. If this doesn't happen. We've lost our great country.

Anonymous said...

Yet with all the keyboard warriors. What percentage of you self declared experts do anything more than change the litterbox once a week ( hint: your house stinks) , flip burgers and type shit ? Weird

Unknown said...

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MDSF said...

...@11:15, +1000
start passing out the spoons...tRumpoopie is sitting on 'The Golden Bowl".....
.........The Buffet is Open!!........