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The sordid biz of counting ballots has dominated headlines since the election. In this missive, a favorite from the comments shares his homespun plan for a solution.

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Super Dave & The Electoral College

A person can hardly have a conversation with anybody these days without it turning into discussing politics and in talking with different people the past few days a lot has been said about the Electoral College and voter fraud. Is our elections really fair anymore, does the Electoral College really speak out for the nation as a whole. No matter how you look at it, large populous areas with larger low income people and as a rule under Democratic control are more or less controlling large portions of the country. That of course got me to start thinking about the whole issue and ended up doing a little research on the matter.

There is no doubt that the highly populated areas of the country exert a lot of control over the rest of the nation politically and the larger amount of tax dollars they receive.

To win the office of President in the United States it is supposed to be based upon the number of electoral electors each candidate wins. The total number of these electors is based upon there being 100 senators and 435 representatives. But your states that have larger population areas have more electoral electors and representatives in them. Have you ever noticed that it’s the larger populated areas representatives that you see or hear about on mass media all the time? It’s almost like the other representatives are not deemed as important in the country's business based upon them representing less known or popular areas.  

Upon giving this some thought and looking over the maps of all of our states I have come up with this thought. Basically every state consists of counties within it and it’s within each of those counties that elections take place and votes are tabulated. So why not base a presidential election on the winner who receives the most votes in the individual counties, within each state, within the United States.

I know some are going to say that wouldn’t be fair, but why would it not be fair? A person seeking the office of the president of the United States would have to receive a win in let’s say 2000 counties within this country. Or another simple solution would be each state votes who they want to be the president. That way the candidate who wins the most states will be declared the winner. Leave the number of senators and representatives in office same as they are now. As I have said before all voting is to be done in person or by approved absentee vote and you have to have an approved ID to vote in person and in absentee as well as be a permanent resident of this country. And the same rules in federal elections are the same in all states with stiff federal penalties if not done so. Mass Media as well can’t declare a candidate a winner till the full course of the election has had its run and lawfully approved by the powers that be for that election. If a candidate wants to concede the election to an opponent that is their prerogative but not demanded of.

This clown show that was our last election we have all observed has got to stop. As much is possible, as much as humanly possible, all areas susceptible to allowing fraud to take place have to be eliminated. We have become more modern with holding our elections and are seeing more and more issues with them. It’s time the issues are dealt with before the elections in 2024.


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  1. Nice read Dave. Really nice to seem some other opinions that don't just want to give away the store to President Kamala.

  2. The only "clown show" going on is coming from the White House.

    And you, of course.

  3. What "issues," Stupor Duck? It was clear before the election Trump, your hero, was going to cry fraud if he lost. He said so. Repeatedly.

    He lost.

    He cried fraud.

    He couldn't prove it.

    He remains the loser.

    End of story.

  4. Bur don't you disenfranchise all the voters in the States that don't have Counties that way?

  5. ^^^^Fool all states have counties or districts go look at the maps that broke down the votes.

  6. Dave doesn't know what he's talking about. T, you need to have him proof read these stupid posts if you're going to share them.

    They're shameful.

    Not even worthy of facebook. I would de friend him quickly and flag his post if it came across face book.

  7. Trump is within his right to have this election investigated just like Gore did. So lets wait until the evidence is presented in court and all suits have been heard. That's the right of the president and it's the right of the people.

  8. @6:58
    Louisiana and Alaska?
    No counties!
    And you say I'm the "fool"?

  9. @7:16 What Court? And what Evidence?
    Trump has lost lawsuits after lawsuit in Court after Court because his legal team had no evidence to produce. And now the appeals of those cases are being thrown out of Appellate Courts because there is no evidence being introduced.

    If there is evidence, it needed to be introduced, because the Supreme Court can only rule on the decisions made by lower Courts, and cannot re-try those cases. Sorry, but that's the way that the American Legal System works.

  10. "There is no doubt that the highly populated areas of the country exert a lot of control over the rest of the nation politically and the larger amount of tax dollars they receive."

    Actually, the highly populated areas of the country subsidize the less populated areas. As for clown show, the Electoral College is an anachronism and should be eliminated. 6 million more people voted for Biden than for Trump. The will of the American people in the 21st Century should not be thwarted because of an 18th century mistake.

  11. ^^^ you’re an idiot and a liar

  12. "This post contains poorly researched information that is misleading and just plain dumb in parts."

    There, 7:08. You're right of course.

  13. The Electoral College was created as a compromise between Slave States & Free States. After Emancipation, it serves no purpose, & should be discarded.

    Popular vote for the whole nation, & only the popular vote. Don't vote by county, or state, the people exercising universal suffrage. (I can't say as the Founders intended, because the founders didn't intend universal suffrage, despite the romantic notion that they did.) Their intention was to codify White Male Privilege & sell it as Liberty & Freedom!

  14. Can't wait for the election to be overturned. I didn't vote eight times for nothing.

  15. Hay's...a...stupor dave...ugh...duh. da electhorah' duh...duh..faud..n..stuff... duh...a...a..preszdent & stuff...a...duh...Herp derp.

  16. Interesting points Dave, something to think on for sure.

  17. "The Electoral College was created as a compromise between Slave States & Free States." Absolutely wrong. It was a deal between high population states and low population states. The latter did not want to in effect be governed by the former. And that's still true.

    Without the Electoral College there would have been no Constitution.

  18. @7:19 I grew up in Louisiana and it is divided into parishes not counties. Not sure how many but I bet close to 70-75 of them so you don't know what you're talking about. Also if had bothered checking before trying to slay the writer the story here says counties or districts and last I knew a parish and district mean one and the same. A good story and then the clueless show up yelling in the comments showings us how clueless they are.

  19. ^^a terrible story written by a moron who gets rightfully crushed for his ignorance. There. Fixed it for you Stupid dave.

  20. Wow, @8:55 - ever hear of irony? Or humor?
    Bet you're so well educated you think that the USA has more than 44 States, don't you?
    Did they teach you which State has the longest name when you were growing up in the outlet of the biggest sewer in the Country?

  21. ^^^^Some really stupid comments, oh it's TKC. Weird


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