Thursday, November 05, 2020

Sobering Local Surveillance Often Incorrect

Our favorite recent Kansas City metro story reminds us that technology is often flawed with devastating consequences for people forced to depend on it.

Moreover, this story offers more inspiration NEVER to drive drunk if only to avoid the draconian punishments inflicted on people without the connections and cash to get their cases tossed. 

It's just cheaper to walk, take a cab or . . . Best of all . . . Drink alone.

Check-it . . .

Cheap test that experts don't trust lands sober Johnson County man behind bars

OLATHE, Kan. - Six times a day, Kenneth Green blows into an alcohol monitor that he keeps with him at all time. There's another monitor in his car that he has to blow into every time he starts it up. "And while you are driving, it will ask you to blow again," Green said.


Anonymous said...

Just get drunk and light somethings on fire then spay paint BLM or some other communist slogan on someone else property somewhere, then hop in car and drive. If you get pulled over just say you are a "peaceful demonstrator". KCMO will won't charge you with anything and you are free to go on your drunken way. You might even hit a few trump supporters for good measure.

Anonymous said...