Friday, November 06, 2020

Show-Me Poll Work Hard Times

An important perspective on harsh times for Missouri strippers stuck hustling for meager tips from cheapskate patrons and rip-off artist bosses . . . Read more:

Lawsuit: Neosho topless dancer claims Hot's Gentlemen's Club owner didn't pay minimum wage, overtime- and charged her to work there

A Neosho woman who worked as an exotic dancer at Hot's Gentleman's Club in Jane is suing the club's owner and manager not only for not paying her minimum wage and overtime, but for not paying her anything... and for requiring her to share her tips with the bosses and with other club employees.


Damn All Marxists said...

Her wop boss Anthony Frank Catroppa, Sr, sure had a lot of rules for the dancers.

Anonymous said...

That's awfully complicated for a titty bar.

Anonymous said...

Did she share her tips with the owner? She works as contract labor not an employee.

Anonymous said...

They were hookers. Now they want us to defend their honor?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Strippers works for tips.

Now she complains she got the shaft.