Show-Me Health Official Quitting After Threats Over Missouri COVID-19 Crackdowns

Internets trolls scare this white lady out of her job as the discourse grows increasingly angry over Winter threats of plague and economic annihilation with very little cooperation betwixt local government and small biz to help forge a solution. 

Take a look . . . 

Missouri health official steps down after her family threatened over coronavirus measures

by: Elliott Davis and Nexstar Media Wire Posted: / Updated: ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. ( KTVI) - A Missouri county health director has left her job because of threats she says she received over measures put in place to curb the coronavirus pandemic, including a mask mandate.


  1. Gee, it’s almost like a peasant revolt, you know, the kind where people are tired of being dictated to in a free country

  2. Gosh yes. Thank you doctor!

  3. No, I have to wear a mask. I MUST revolt. Muh Freedoms! Muh jerbs! Muh rights!


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