Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Show-Me Guv Parson Tribute To KCFD

An important declaration from one of Missouri's top politicos that might meet with scorn given the ongoing outcry for a statewide mask mandate.

Here's the best report round-up . . .

Missouri governor orders flags at half-staff for two KC firefighters who died of COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Governor Mike Parson is ordering flags be flown at half staff in honor of two Kansas City firefighters who died from COVIID-19. Kansas City Fire Department Captain Robert "Bobby" Rocha died on Saturday, Nov. 21 of COVID-19 Kansas City Fire Department Communication Specialist/Paramedic Scott Davidson died on Nov.


Anonymous said...

God rest their souls, but, that said, a great example of who is vulnerable. Both of those guys never met a cheeseburger they didn't like along with a large fry and a large Coke.

C'mon man!

Anonymous said...

National Propagandist Radio is nothing more than a lying sack of shit.

“Flynn went so far as to withdraw his first plea of guilty and substitute a second plea of not guilty, even though he'd acknowledged the underlying conduct that was against the law and been close to receiving a sentence.”

They forgot to mention the only reason he plead guilty was they were going after his entire family if he didn’t do what they said, this man is a national hero and they flat broke him, it’s already been proven the whole thing was a lie and a scam to get Trump, nothing more nothing less. They almost got away with until the mueller probe discovered the whole Russia Russia Russia debacle was a lie and a coup attempt, President Trump acted accordingly since the judge even after being told to drop the case refused and with China joe taking the reigns over they may have thrown him back in jail because.... orange man bad. And obummer pardoned murderers for Christ sakes and he’s somehow a hero for doing it. Fuck NPR and all the lame stream media to hell and back.

Anonymous said...

Yes, FUCK NPR. That we all can agree on. Weird

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the fire department have certain physical fitness requirements ?

These fuckers have $100,000 + salaries plus pension plans that they can retire at age 50.

Looking at these pictures, it is pretty damn obvious the fat fucks lay around in the fire station all day watching porn and giving each other a stiffy.

EMT and Police Officers risk their lives saving other's lives and earn their pay.