Show-Me COVID-19 Contact Tracing Crisis

Missouri struggles to keep up with the rate of infections, hospitalizations and deaths as the pandemic surges going into cold & flu season. 

Here's an update on continued community spread . . .

Missouri health officials scrambling to trace virus cases

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Local health departments in Missouri don't have enough staffers to conduct contact training for all of the COVID-19 cases popping up, so they have been prioritizing the ones they try to trace back to their sources, officials said.


  1. If anything it's easier; no more superspreader Trump rallies to follow up on.

  2. Now it’s the China biden people that are super-spreaders... wait, what? Demoncraps can’t spread the virus? Only Trump supporters can? Funny how that works isn’t it.

    Fun fact, it’s been determined that concerts are ok during the lockdowns but churches still can’t hold services.....

  3. With todays technology, contract tracing should be simple to establish. Why isn't it being done?

  4. ^^^ Big brother that’s why, nobody’s falling for this bullshit, even the black people in shitty Louis are smarter than that.

  5. They can trace all they want to but there will be no admitting they are already doing it for other investigative purposes.

  6. They are forbidden to trace jews.
    Hands off jews.


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