Saturday, November 28, 2020


Local traditions have been forever changed and now St. Nick endures more regulation as pandemic numbers worsen. 

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Reservations now required to see Santa at Crown Center this year

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Parents, listen up. Before you make that annual holiday tradition down to Crown Center this year, reservations are now required for some activities. Visiting Santa Claus this year and taking that memorable photo at Crown Center will uniquely capture the 2020 experience.


Anonymous said...


"Karen" reported she had reservations about allowing her children to get too close to the rotund man with a likely virus-infested beard!!!

Anonymous said...

Mayor mcdumbo and the fat fake dr rexy might as well come out and say it, they’re cancelling Christmas and New Years. We all know they’re stupid enough to do it, it’s just a matter of time after the boy blunder lies about 100,000 new cases because of that mean ole pilgrim tradition called thanksgiving.

Let’s see how fast the despicable dimwits revert back to calling it the holidays because Christmas is too Christian and white. When qball starts calling it anything but Christmas his puppet masters have told him to cancel the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Reservations to see Santa Claus sounds racist.

Better be sure the Crown Center Santa Claus is black with a black beard or Crown Center will be burned and looted.

Anonymous said...

Will Santa be Black or white this year ? Will he be gay, Trans or straight ? Maybe a muslim illegal alien with post op equipment to satisfy the current p c crowd. Maybe outlawed completely so we can state that his family was slave owners, not unlike Biden's family.

Anonymous said...

Listen up you kids out there. You're parents are lying to you. Santa is not real he is a fake. BTW where is BLM this Christmas? You don't ever see a black santa do you? You folks better hit the streets again with major rioting over this.
What kind of a mean man would not give a kid a gift because he did something bad. Come on tell your kids the truth the jolly old guy is really a very bad man.

If I see your kids I'm going to tell them santa is not real.