Wednesday, November 25, 2020


The politicos at 12th & Oak don't seem to have any mercy for small biz workers but keeping local government in the money is clearly a top priority.

To wit . . . 


The reality is that down on their luck locals are in far greater need of a government check but here's official word from administrators pleading their case . . . 

KSHB: As COVID relief funds dry up, Jackson County calls on Congress for help

Interestingly, KCMO Health Department Director Dr. Rex is front and center hoping that more cash for continued public health surveillance will soon be available . . .

Check the money line as the good Dr. Rex displays his expertise in both finance and politics . . .

Dr. Rex Archer, Director of Health for the Kansas City Health Department, said with cases soaring, contact tracers are having trouble keeping up. However, once the numbers start to decline, it's the best method to end the pandemic. "The contact tracing is exactly what puts out the fires," Archer said. Both Archer and Jackson County Administrator Troy Schulte are calling on Congress to step in.

"There are funds that could be coming down to relieve us after the last day or two in December," Archer said. The money Archer is referring to is another relief package that's been approved by the House but is sitting in the Senate awaiting approval.

At this point it's important to mention that people way smarter than TKC worry that printing so much free money might spark inflation and turn the pandemic depression into something even more dire. 

Let's not forget that cash is really nothing more than a promise.

Check the links . . .

CNET: If there's no second stimulus check, this is what could happen instead

BGR: This $4,000 stimulus plan is still the smartest idea we’ve seen and we need it now

Bloomberg: Stimulus Can’t Stay Forever, MAS Head Warns Global Policy Makers

YF: New coronavirus stimulus checks may not trigger an economic jolt: poll

CNBC: ‘This can’t wait.’ Why long food lines signal need for more coronavirus stimulus aid

Newsweek: AOC Says Republicans Holding Stimulus Check Hostage Over Demand for Corporate COVID Immunity

NBC: 14 million workers face losing unemployment benefits at the end of December

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

putting that 7 million aside for a rainy day?

Or more car payments and pay for play contracts.

Jones said...

Dr. Rex knows all. The great an almighty Dr. Rex should be put in charge. Glad that Quinton is taking his advice, nothing could go wrong with that combination.

I hope Rexy is at least polite with his orders to the "mayor."

Anonymous said...

The democrat way...looking for handouts and welfare.

Anonymous said...

Jackson county ran out of $62;million dollars? Imagine that, frank wasted more money than humanly possible. In fours months time I might add, WOW.

Anonymous said...

Wear did that money go? Is it public information?

chuck said...

God damn these fuckin people make the 3 Stooges look like Goethe, Mills and Einstein.

I guess, I know this sounds crazy, but if small business is being crushed by the cadre of purblind, political Gramascian grunts currently masquerading as
"experts" on the never ending False Necessity Traps they keep forcing us into, maybe at least PART OF THE SOLUTION, would be to cut the city's payroll. And, this would be a shocker, let's NOT defund the police, so that city employees can go on junkets to far away places and not wear masks while 'studying' important issues for we hoi polloi.

OR!!!! And I know this is crazy, but how 'bout we rescind the counterproductive, pernicious and destructive "Lockdown" and let the people of the city, get back to work so mr. mayor and his crony/parasites can continue to bleed us dry for really profitable initiatives like..., you know..., 18th and Vine.

If a giant hole opened up and sucked the entirety of city hall down into the 8th Circle of hell, the city would be back on it's feet in 120 days.

Anonymous said...

I bet that fat fuckin Rex Archer goes through $300.00 a day at Burger King.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ now that’s funny!

Ummmm, ymmy, "Lockdowns" for Thanksgiving, Ummm, Yummy, pass me some more "lockdowns". said...

Meanwhile, the democrat mayor of Denver, who looks like mayor q's twin, is (Surprising fuckin NO ONE)flaunting the rules he imposes on everyone else.

But the Mayor of Denver wasn’t about to be upstaged! He too wanted to join the hypocrisy tour with his latest move: Flying out of state for Thanksgiving.

BREAKING: After telling people to avoid travel this thanksgiving Denver Mayor Michael takes off from DIA to travel to visit family. #9news

— Nicole Vap (@nicolevap) November 25, 2020

According to the news report, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was spotted leaving the state to go spend Thanksgiving with his daughter in Mississippi. The Mayor’s office said that the Mayor had canceled his big holiday dinner this year, but “traveled alone” (aside from the whole public transportation and flying from a crowded airport thing).

His flight allegedly also took off 30 minutes after he posted this little gem to his Twitter account:

Pass the potatoes, not COVID.

🏘️Stay home as much as you can, especially if you're sick.
💻Host virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners.
❌Avoid travel, if you can.
🍲Order your holiday meal from a local eatery.
🎁Shop online with a small business for #BlackFriday.

— Michael B. Hancock 😷 (@MayorHancock) November 25, 2020

Anonymous said...

Yes, chuck, because the election was stolen. I forgot. You haven't mentioned it for five minutes now.


Adam Smith said...

Make the Chiefs and the Royals pay back all the corporate welfare. That will help a lot!

Anonymous said...

Yes sirree! Keep the stupid people scared and do as you please is their motto, they’ll never know!

By the way, where’s Q?

Anonymous said...

You're getting your ass kicked in PA and Georgia as I type.^^^

Anonymous said...

He can do what he wants, chuck.

Just as you can do what you want.

Don't wear a mask. Have a huge family gathering. Take a plane trip! Lick some bus seats!

Do what you want chuck, and know the world will be a better place when you die, alone and unvaccinated, and stick Martha with the bill. said...


5:53 You are getting your ass kicked and kicked hard. Again, it is the fog of war and predictions on how this plays out as far as Jan20th are impossible, BUT!!!!! Make no mistake about it, EVERYONE IS GOING TO KNOW, JUST HOW CORRUPT THE DNC, BIDEN, WASHINGTON DC./DEEP STATE REALLY IS.

This video was about 2 hours ago. You and your guy and the people who support this kind of blatant, in your face corruption, look just like you should.

Sleazy, low life scumbags who support sleazy low life politicians who are granularly corrupt.

You look bad, real bad.....

Anonymous said...

Dr Rex isn't even a licensed doctor. You do know the city pays out another 100K plus a year for another doctor to guide Rex who is making 200K plus already.

The only ones holding the stimulus hostage is those fucking democrat's and they will wait to see if Biden gets in office then will march a plan out acting like they and them alone are saving the country.

Anonymous said...

5:56 a judge in PA just sided with Trump, sure sucks to be you.

Democrats do NOT have to follow the orders they make you follow. said...

But the president-elect has been curiously silent on the increasingly long list of his fellow Democrats who had made headlines for flouting coronavirus rules – despite a nationwide surge in cases.

Earlier this month, California Gov. Gavin Newsom drew outrage after photos emerged of him dining at one of the state’s most exclusive fine-dining restaurants in violation of his own coronavirus orders.

The Democratic governor acknowledged he attended a birthday party with a dozen friends on Nov. 6 at the posh French Laundry in wine country north of San Francisco.

On the East Coast, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has been widely condemned for attending Biden’s presidential victory speech in Delaware – despite the Diamond State being on the mayor’s own list of high-risk states. One of her staff members defended the trip as “essential travel” and “excepted” under Bowser’s order.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also been accused of hypocrisy for implementing a new round of lockdown orders just days after she joined large crowds celebrating Joe Biden’s election victory. She defended the celebrations by saying: “There are times when we actually do need to have relief and come together, and I felt like that was one of those times. That crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.”

More recently, high-profile Brooklyn Democrats came under fire for attending a birthday party where many of the attendees were pictured without masks and not practicing social distancing – despite the rising number of coronavirus cases in New York City.

Nancy Pelosi gets HER hair done.

Though Biden has campaigned on taking a tougher approach to combat the pandemic and has suggested he will work with local and state leaders to enforce face mask requirements nationwide, he has been silent on these Democratic rulebreakers. Furthermore, he has not addressed concerns that some mass celebrations of his victory may have contributed to this spread of the virus.

Cuomo goes to the gym, restaurants and WAS going to fly this weekend until he got shamed in the press. DeBlasio goes out to eat and to the gym every fuckin day.

Democrats - if their lips are moving, they are lying.

Rules for thee not for me said...

Oh yeah, "Peaceful" BLM/AntiFa protests will be attended, if they happen, once again, by all democrats and our own mr. mayor.

chuck said...

I am sure we are all breathless with anticipation for this coming Christmas. I wonder how our "Leaders" will permit us to celebrate?

Outdoor Christmas trees only. Opening of presents must take place during the hours of 9AM to 11AM. Essential travel only permitted for the politicians who were elected to rule over us all with the one Christmas Ring. All presents not opened by 11AM will be burned in Mt Doom under the supervision of Sauron.

It should be just wonderful. The mayor can hand out Dr Fauci bobble head dolls to all the kids who won't get any presents at all, cause mom and dad lost their fuckin jobs.

Anonymous said...

Chuck "HEAR THE BLUNDER" Lowe, everybody! Ain't he nuts?

Anonymous said...

Chuck, did Giuliani find all that evidence you were talking about earlier? Has Trump's reelection been certified yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, 5:57. You're so bitter and lonely, and so skilled at missing the simple point: there are already a book's worth of examples of panic mongering Democrats playing dictator-doctor to us common folk while mocking and breaking the silly, arbitrary rules they absolutely swear are necessary for human survival.

Not interesting to you, of course. Keep obeying your unqualified, openly hypocritical overlords then. ;)

Anonymous said...

WE used to have some great Brandsmart holiday partys....

Anonymous said...

Where’s joe?

I heard he went to China to celebrate with Xi Jinping and make millions of under the table deals.

But don’t ask any questions got or else.

Anonymous said...

Where’s Q?

Anonymous said...

629 guess you missed the PA legislative hearing earlier today.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard so many white men out here bitching and complaining and crying victim as we have today. All white people do is file grievances about everything. Nobody care about you grafter, welcome to the club. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Audit where did the money go...dem consultants, donors, friends n family, and lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Let small businesses stay open; include restaurants.

Require a mask in small business and hand sanitizer.

That's it, let life go on and give small businesses a chance to survive.

If folks are afraid to leave their basement then they can stay home.

But let the rest of us enjoy life.

Folks, you only have so many years to live and many have pissed one year away cowering in their basement.

99.95% of folks infected SURVIVE !

If you are over 80 years old and in a retirement home; there is a good chance you are going to die of either COVID or some other respiratory disease or heart attack or cancer or diabetes etc. Unfortunately we don't live forever.

Anonymous said...

I think you want 'grifter.'

Which is actually a great way to describe people who have had 50 years of cradle to grave welfare and achieved little but greater expertise in demanding handouts.

Anonymous said...

6:29 you got your ass just KICKED today.

More to come.

Charlie Horse said...

Antonio Francesco Gramsci
Italian:22 January 1891 – 27 April 1937) was an Italian Marxist philosopher, journalist, linguist, writer and politician. He wrote on philosophy, political theory, sociology, history and linguistics. He was a founding member and one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy and was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime.

Anonymous said...

what's odd and surprising and sad and disappointing, maybe even maddening, Tony, is that you have no idea how cynical you are with this blog

...and the effect, the negative effect and effects it has on your shallow readers and followers.

Anonymous said...

12,591,163 cases, 259,993 deaths is a 97.9% survival rate, not 99.95%. Goddamn you're dumb. Who are you, Donald Trump?

Anonymous said...

Trump aid it would be gone by last Easter. Then in warm months it would magically disappear. Then that hydrocloroquine was the answer and we should take it LIKE HE DID IN SECRET.

Trump is a fat old NYC real estate failure on his 3rd wife. He and Sidney Powell should get married - they are meant for each other!

Anonymous said...

And you’re beyond pathetic so...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where hiden joe biden is at?

Anonymous said...

Biden has done more already about Corona virus than Trump. See Trump's 59 second speech yesterday? - "the Dow hit the "devine" great level of 30,000 pts, its a historic moment".

No mention of stimulas, forebearances, covid, thanksgiving JUST THE STOCK MARKET!

If you can't see that Trump is a conman then you do have a low IQ. His lawyer Rudi has black dye running down his face? WTH!

Anonymous said...

give it up child, nobody believes a word you say, not now not evar. Weird.

Clayton Bigsby said...

If you are in 2nd grade

Anonymous said...

does anybody have a clue?

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:11 - What are you a graduate of KCPSD with a 4th Grade ACT score?

There are five times the number of corona virus cases that have not been reported or tested you simpleton.

Learn how to research and interpret data.

If 3% of the U.S. population was dying of Corona Virus we would have 3.5 million deaths.

Anonymous said...

8:23 - Another stupid comment.

Joe Biden his in his fucking basement for six months; and this coward is going to be our Commander in Chief.

Maybe Commander of Corruption

Meanwhile President Trump led operation Warp Speed and we now have not one but three different vaccines for corona virus; developed within 10 months which is truly incredible.

As far as Thanksgiving, President Trump said fuck the Democrat Party and for everyone else to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with their families; a great American tradition.

Anonymous said...

6:49 - carrying your welfare ass on our backs gets pretty damn old.

Anonymous said...

@9:14, quit trying to spread the false idea that Trump had anything to do with the development of a vaccine - HE DIDN'T!

He suspended a couple of testing requirements by Executive Order, but all three Pharmaceutical Companies went ahead and followed them anyway, since it would have been unscientific not to.

Private party donations funded the developments, the Federal Government has only released ONE GRANT from the Covid Research funding that Congress approved, and that grant, ($120 million,) went to a Company with no research or production facilities, that is run by a guy in Florida out of his Condo. And just coincidentally, that "Research" Company is one of the hundreds making up the Trump Organization.

Paying himself $120,000,000 of YOUR Tax Dollars, that is all Trump has done about developing these vaccines!

Anonymous said...

Rex doesn't know what he's talking about. But he's too arrogant to keep quiet.

It's a shame that we have such poor leadership in Kansas City. Really feel like they don't know what they're doing and it shows.

Cameltoe Harris said...

I have never heard so many white men out here bitching and complaining and crying victim as we have today. All white people do is file grievances about everything. Nobody care about you grafter, welcome to the club. Get a life.

11/25/20, 6:49 PM



Anonymous said...
The democrat way...looking for handouts and welfare.

11/25/20, 4:57 PM

Anonymous said...


Where, oh where, is the money going?

First Name Rex
Last Name Archer
Title Director Of Health
Total Gross Pay $195,413.06

2019 -- Mayor and Council vote to approve their own pay increases. The mayor’s new salary also increases nearly 15%, or more than $18,000, from $123,156 to $141,455 per year.