Okay, it wasn't that "EPIC" but in a year of low expectations, the glorified pick-up basketball game proved to be a worthy distraction from all of the overwrought talk about the future of "Democracy" and disappointing Thanksgiving plans.

And, yes, the massage was the "star" of the game . . .

Here's a peek at our favorite headlines


Chiefs at Raiders score: Patrick Mahomes gets last laugh with winning TD drive in back-and-forth shootout

Despite a strong showing from Vegas, Kansas City needed just one minute to seal it

Big Picture Hot Take

Instant analysis of Chiefs' Week 11 win over Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders combined for a nail-bitter on "Sunday Night Football." It couldn't happen any other way between the two teams at the top of the AFC West. Patrick Mahomes and the offense were the stars of the show for Kansas City and they ultimately pulled out all the stops to secure the game-winning score.

Against The Clock

Chiefs vs. Raiders score, results: Las Vegas leaves too much time for Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs will get a chance for revenge against the only team to beat them this season, the Raiders, on "Sunday Night Football" in Week 11. Las Vegas outscored Kansas City 40-32 in Week 5, thanks to a sharp performance from Derek Carr.

Crunch Time Celebration

Patrick Mahomes works his 4th quarter magic in Chiefs road win over Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders were anxious to prove their Week 5 win wasn't a fluke. The Kansas City Chiefs were ready for some revenge.

Kegger Connection

Mahomes finds Kelce for toe-tapping first down

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King Of The Chiefs Cont’d

Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes Overtakes Everyone in 2020 MVP Race

Isaac Brekken/Associated Press Like any of the regularly used Undertaker GIFs seen on social media, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes rose from the mat when everyone thought he'd been buried by others in this year's MVP race thanks to another stellar performance in Sunday's 35-31 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Playoff Placement Improves

Mahomes outduels Carr to all but seal AFC West

11:49 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 Patrick Mahomes picked a good time to throw the first go-ahead touchdown pass in a game's final two minutes of his career.

This is our footballer OPEN THREAD for tonight and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. There was a game tonight?


    Glad it worked out.


  2. great finish! Chiefs!

  3. Did Kelce get consent?

  4. We give McHomie another 250 million, so ball scratching Menboys can be entertained for their lack luster lives ? Meanwhile the economy of our town collapses. Weird

  5. ^^So? Chiefs rule, you drool!!! Mahomie is your daddy! Go Chiefs!

  6. Was there any question? Can't leave Mahomes with more than like 35 seconds.


    Is Mayor Lucas worried about cramming thousands of people into a confined stadium space? No! Public health mandates are for individuals and small businesses only. Quinton kisses the ass of Dallas resident Clark Hunt, and the JOCO resident asses of the Chiefs management.

    Is fake-Dr. Archer calling for all Chiefs home games to be cancelled? No! Fake-Dr. Archer only likes to pick on bars/restaurants, hobo camps, and little old ladies who don't wear masks.

    Simply more irrefutable evidence that Lucas and Archer are PRETENDERS who don't really believe their own pronouncements. PATHETIC!

  8. Tony this win was legit epic. Seemed like it was in doubt, I admit I had my doubts, so a win snatched from the hated raiders and stay atop the division and placed for when Steelers falter for that no. 1 seed. Mahomes was a man on a mission to close this game. Can’t believe we have our own Elway now it’s so awesome. Kielce and hill too. Go Chiefs ! This version of chiefs has heart too. Maybe they can do it again. Need to get better on secondary though, yikes.


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