Remember Kansas City 'Mostly Peaceful' Nuke Silo Break-In

A journey into the past and a peek at this old school protest movement that never really achieved it's goal as nuke continue to proliferate around the world. 

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A U.S. magistrate said Tuesday four anti-nuclear protesters who...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A U.S. magistrate said Tuesday four anti-nuclear protesters who broke into a Minuteman missile site and smashed equipment were a danger to the community, and he ordered them jailed without bond. The four Catholic peace activists were charged with destruction of government property.


  1. What did these fools think was gonna happen?

    1. The fools and psychos are the people like you who are delighted that the "mostly peaceful" US government is a hair from killing everything.

  2. ^^I don't know Maude. Why did you think anyone would care what you wrote?

  3. Wot? There still are active missile silos in the area? Thought they were turned into condos by now.

  4. ^^that's because you're a fucking retard.

  5. The article is from. 1984. All of the silos associated with Whiteman have been decommissioned for years. It is still a nuke base but now the B-2 is the method of delivery.

  6. Ummm...the 351st Missile Wimg was deactivated years ago. Many sites were demoed with high explosives and sold back to surrounding farms. Maybe they held onto a few for hardened command snd control communications for the Bomb wing?


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