Monday, November 23, 2020

Overland Park Disputes Kansas City Star Ploy

The local dead-tree media outlets seems to be losing respect as a fact finding newspaper and instead ranks as a partisan publishing outfit with now secret finances . . . And so, this legal slap fight isn't so much about journalism or the public good . . . But more of a partisan debate:

Overland Park Pushes Back Against KC Star Lawsuit Seeking Records In Police Killing Of Teenager

The city of Overland Park says its severance agreement with the police officer who shot and killed teenager John Albers in 2018 is not subject to public disclosure. On Friday, the city asked a Johnson County judge to toss a lawsuit brought by The Kansas City Star seeking to obtain a copy of the agreement.

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Anonymous said...

Work harder assholes. Pay your taxes. Because the OP city council is gonna give a big fat check to a cop who kills a citizen! And when people ask questions OP hides and lies and won’t turn things over. Chicken shits. Or is this where we are supposed to blurt out “support the first responders”?