Monday, November 16, 2020

No Kansas Help For Most Small Biz Struggling To Survive COVID-19

Another reminder of why stimulus isn't an answer to local biz restrictions as money is quickly running out for embattled owners, workers and communities.


Kansas says it can't help half of firms seeking COVID-19 aid

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas can't help at least half of the struggling small businesses seeking relief because of the coronavirus pandemic, officials said Monday, calling for additional federal aid as the state reported another record for new coronavirus cases. Democratic Gov.


Anonymous said...

Good that's what they get for voting for Trump

Anonymous said...


Ouch. Not very compassionate.

Anonymous said...

Not very compassionate for GOP to push herd immunity, which will result in a huge number of unnecessary deaths, just in order for businesses to continue to make money. This policy will just prolong the process instead of attempting to get it under control. Businesses should be contacting the old devil Moscow Mitch and get him to vote on some type of relief.

Anonymous said...

C’mon man, everybody in the world knows Nancy peeloosie is responsible for no covid relief plan right now, But don’t worry, she’ll be kicked out of the speakers chair before long, hell, her own people hate her guts and there’s a long list of people that want that spot that can actually do their job and get shit done. Nancy is just a mean ass old woman with expensive refrigerators worth more than millions of people make in a year.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about Nancy, however it will take a Senate vote and loser Trump's signature to get needed relief NOW. GOP won't help everyday people make ends meet, they only want to give money away to wall street and the rich. GOP is a pandemic that must be wiped out just like Covid 19.