Monday, November 16, 2020

Murder Case Against Kylr Yust Strengthens

Update on a suspected local lady killer and the growing documentation from prosecutors that they believe will grant a guilty verdict. 


Evidentiary material mounts in Kylr Yust case

CASS COUNTY, Mo. - With the scheduled murder trial of Kylr Yust four months away, the amount of evidentiary material in the case continues to mount. Cass County prosecutors charged Yust in 2017 with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of abandonment of a corpse in the deaths of Kara Kopetsky in 2007 and Jessica Runions in 2016.


Bandit said...

That asshole should have been dead by now. Covid restrictions must be hampering shanking range.

Anonymous said...

Never trust anyone with a neck tattoo

Anonymous said...

He's got a unibrow!

Anonymous said...

Its tragic. But women love bad boys. But only bad boy murder people.