Mugshot After Kansas City Deadly Shooting

A shaggy smiling glimpse at this suspect who is now confronting serious charges . . .


19-year-old charged in connection to deadly shooting at south Kansas City apartment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 19-year-old Kansas City man is facing charges in connection to a deadly shooting Wednesday night at a south Kansas City apartment. Jackson County prosecutors on Thursday charged Graham Dill with second-degree murder and armed criminal action for the shooting death of 19-year-old Logan Shank.


  1. Oh, mushrooms, okay then, no prob. Just kids....

  2. During the getaway, he tried to disguise himself as the deceased American artist Bob Ross.

  3. Therein lies my biggest problem with the libertarian philosophy of all drugs available, none illegal. I've seen some really whacked out people on shrooms and some laced weed. Crazy is still crazy, hard drugs break down the psychological barriers that generally keep society sane.

  4. If you don't know him shut up. yall have NO right to make an opinion on a situation that you don't know about. f xanax and f anyone making fun of this.

  5. Sad situation. Middle to upper-middle class kids who fall into the "drug life". You know, just smoking pot. No big deal. Grown ups do it. Society says it's okay. Each of them pushing each other down one more step in order to "be real". Drop out of high school, get an apartment, sell drugs, do more-and-more drugs, and start playing with guns while high on drugs. Drug life. It's okay, it's legal in MO. Next thing you know, one kid is dead and another is facing murder charges for what was likely an accident. Lives lost, families in turmoil, and just another news story for the rest of the world to be forgotten. Hope the other 2 kids that were in the apartment grow up. Hope the friends surrounding these kids move on and leave this in the past. Not something to bring you together. Should be something to move them apart.

    Glad we still have the legalized pot though.

    Sad situation....


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