Mizzou Football Protest Well Remembered

Sports newsies see this one different than locals. Denizens of the UM system recall a tragic funding fall off the hurt jobs and impacted employees unconnected to the social justice drama.

Meanwhile, here's a more triumphant statement and screed in retrospect . . .

How the Missouri Football Protest Changed College Sports Forever

On June 3, most of the Missouri football team gathered with coaches and administrators and walked a half mile from campus to the Boone County Courthouse, where they knelt in silence to commemorate the recent killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Afterward, about 60 players entered the building and registered to vote.


  1. Mizzou... That's where they had forerunners of the Smollett racist vandalism wasn't it? Andybody seen Prof. Glick recently? I heard she was working at a Casey's now. 😏🍿🍺

  2. Knelt in silence to commemorate a dope head who died from an overdose and held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly. Wtf is wrong with progressive communists and how they choose their hero's?

  3. Rhett Butler11/5/20, 9:56 PM

    Them young bucks ain't nothin but field hands slavin for their master.

  4. That school has never been the same. It's a disgrace.


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