Missouri Toilet Water Seyz Ur Sick

Quick peek at more public health surveillance and a reminder that suffering from the pandemic amid the current surge is really just a crap shoot. 

Check-it . . .

Testing of wastewater shows dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in Missouri

(KMOV.com) - Missouri epidemiologists have been testing wastewater while test results show a state flushed with coronavirus cases. "We're learning new things about it every month," says Jeff Wenzel. News 4 found the state has been detecting coronavirus volumes in wastewater since May. The samples are provided by MSD from their seven wastewater treatment plants across St.


Anonymous said…
For a moment...I thought the blog entry was about how Trump shit his pants and lost the election to Sleepy Joe, the worst Presidential candidate in US history.
Anonymous said…
^^^ well said.
Anonymous said…

The FULL FLUSH award goes to fake-Dr. Archer for his consistent delivery of crap to the KCMO public.

The SHITTERBAHN award goes to Kansas Fried Colonel (KFC) Norman for his purposeful lying and disinformation to the state of Kansas.

The CALL THE PLUMBER award is presented to KS Governor "Moe 3 Stooges" Kelly who has been trying to destroy her state since March 17, when she closed public schools because a handful of elderly chronically-ill nursing home residents tested positive for the coronavirus!!!