Monday, November 02, 2020

Missouri Family Suffers COVID-19 Tragedy After Pandemic Claims Youngster's Life

Conservative news highlights this Heartland tragedy that contradicts the pandemic narrative as numbers continue to spike across the Midwest.

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Coronavirus claims life of Missouri boy, 13, family says

A 13-year-old boy in Missouri has died from complications related to the novel coronavirus, according to a local report and a GoFundMe created on his family's behalf. Peyton Baumgarth, an eighth-grader at Washington Middle School in St. Louis, died on Saturday from complications related to COVID-19, his family said.


GoFundMe said...

Its more likely he choked on a pork chop.

Anonymous said...

No, according to official dogma of The Cult Of The Donald,
this thirteen-year old...
had to be over seventy years old,
had to have several age-related pre-conditions,
oh, and didn't really die, he's just hiding in a grave to embarrass the President.

Anonymous said...

That's a tough loss, but those parents need to open their damn eyes. A kid that obese falls squarely into the lap of the enabler parents.

Anonymous said...

Like he said, pork chop.

Anonymous said...

What a colossal asshole you are. Amazing that you took a break from the video games in mommy's basement and picking your nose to display your incredible ignorance and inbreeding.

Unknown said...

Several related articles stated that this young man had no underlying health issues. This is patently untrue. This teen was either obese or morbidly obese (I think the latter). As another poster stated, his parent/parents were enablers. I agree, and feel parent(s) bear a solid amount of responsibility in what may likely have been a preventable death. Obesity kills.


His picture shows him smiling, appearing to be a loved, young man. No reason to doubt that.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here's a few more words.....

He also seems quite overweight. This is an undisputed co-morbidity that significantly increases mortality upon catching Covid. Why? Because the little eff'er goes after the lungs. It's clear this kids parents gave their son free reign to balance his own diet, at the exclusion of healthy activities and exercise.

They literally loved him to death.

Years and years of global ridicule that Americans are the most overweight in the world, all suddenly "forgotten" by MSM that feel a duty to blaming Trump for us having a relatively larger mortality rate compared to other countries.

Folks, think for yourselves. Testing, therapies and vaccines may work or not, but you have got to slim down, and work out. Stay well!