Many Kansas Churches Pause Services Again Amid COVID-19 Crackdown

A closer look at precautions to protect locals and the plague continues to spread and fear of increasing hospitalizations becomes a public health concern. 


Churches stop in-person services as Kansas sets virus record

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Some churches in Kansas suspended indoor, in-person worship services and the capital city's zoo even tightened its rules as the the state set another record Friday for new coronavirus cases. Public health officials in the Kansas City area urged new limits on restaurants and gatherings on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri state line.


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  2. My church is open for drive-thru service. Churches Fried Chicken. Suck a dick, Jesus freaks.

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  4. @ 7:23 You're wrong on that you need to read your bible.

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  5. Yet, Home depot and Wal-Mart stay wide open.

  6. Reverend Stone11/15/20, 9:16 AM

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