Thursday, November 05, 2020

Local Police Examine Racial Disparity Data

The po-po discuss bias and numbers with newsies amid a push for improvement and continued testimony, complaints and allegations of discrimination.

Here's the latest roundup:

Police Keep Eyes on the Street, and on Racial Disparity Data

Last year, police officers in the small northland community of Platte Woods made more than 900 traffic stops. The town of about 400 residents is virtually all White, according to census figures. And the citizens are apparently a law-abiding bunch, with racial profiling data the police department submitted to the state reporting that none of the traffic stops involved local residents.


Anonymous said...

Nearly all of the article is bullshit, Flatland's specialty.

Example, regarding the NAACP's Missouri travel advisory (which no one paid any attention to):

"The effort, which drew national news coverage, was due to many factors, including a new law that made it more difficult for individuals to win lawsuits alleging discrimination."

The law that "made it more difficult to win lawsuits alleging discrimination" only required the plaintiff to show that race was the dominant reason for the disputed action, such as firing from employment. Previously if a fact finder found that race was 1% of the reason, with the other 99% being due to other causes (absenteeism, violence or just being a crappy employee) the case was considered a "win" and - HERE'S THE KEY - the suing employee was awarded her attorneys' fees.

So the real bitch is that after the new laws were passed, attorneys were reluctant to take racial discrimination cases unless they thought they could actually prove racial discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Do the cops arrest too many negroes? Clearly not, or we would have fewer homicides, not setting a new record. We obviously need way more negroes arrested.