KCK Firefighters Rally For Resources

Impressive first responder activism today that deserves a look and support amid dwindling budgets. 

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KCK firefighters union picket City Hall following station closure

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas City, Kansas firefighters union protested outside of the KCK City Hall Friday, after saying they've brought up multiple issues to their management and the Unified Government with no response. The International Association of Fire Fighters Home Local 64 chapter were joined by the United Auto Workers Local 31 chapter at the protest.


  1. Bunch of Wing nuts. Kckfd is overpaid and under worked. Look at kansas open gov. Public record. Corrupt union criminals. Look at bob wings pay for no hours worked. His kid also kckfd threatened a mayor and thinks he is untoachable.

  2. ^^^ So, you got kicked out of the union, when?

  3. Too man fire stations. Close a lot of them!


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