KCK FD Debates Rank & File COVID Risk

More deets on a public health debate among first responders that now includes criticism of management.

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KCK firefighter union says department leadership dragged its feet with COVID-19 protocols

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Several months into the global coronavirus pandemic, the Kansas City, Kansas, Firefighters union remains concerned over how the department has responded and whether enough procedures are in place. "Firefighters' concern generally isn't for themselves first, it's for other people, and that was the case in this," International Association of Firefighters Local 64 President JJ Simma said of his union's concerns.


  1. "If one of our firefighters tests positive, they're immediately placed on Injured on Duty status, which means all their bills are paid for," Callahan said.

    what kinda taxpayer money scam is THAT??!!

  2. He's saying all their medical bills and associated lost wages are paid, during an allotted quarantine. They don't get benefits from, nor do they pay into SS and KS unemployment insurance. They have IAFF local collective bargained benefits plans instead.


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