KC Pet Project Snags Animal Control Jobs

Behind the scenes, this story is really about KCMO work that will be taken away from the urban core in favor of middle-class white ladies who promised to pitch in MILLIONS for a new animal shelter but were never pressed on coming up with the money . . . Even worse, local media was complicit in refusing to ask any questions about the funds.

KC Pet Project takes over animal control services Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Pet Project will take full control of Kansas City, Missouri's animal control services beginning on Tuesday. KCPP has been in a three-month transitional period and will respond to all 311 calls regarding animal health and public safety services, according to a news release.


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  2. too many loose dogs in KC neighborhoods.

    barking biting chasing kids taking dumps everywhere etc etc.

    too many white people pushing pets on everyone. it takes too much money and time and health to have a dog for most people to do it properly. our president-elect broke his foot from one of these damn rescue dogs always being pushed.

    animal control first priority should be removing loose dogs from neighborhoods. enforcing leash laws.

    damn people are more important than pets!

    now city is punting the police power of animal control, delegating it to an interest group that wants to spare all dogs no matter how vicious or unlikely it is ever to be adopted. and no matter how many dogs there already are in the city!


    i love my pets but this is stupid. too many loose dogs in KC, period. quality of life issue. hire a consultant pay him a hundred grand to tell you about "complete streets" and "peacemaking" but that is way less meaningful than just having a dog catcher.

  3. Snags ? This where defund the police meets the latest political hustle. Quntion Clueless & co just keep redirecting city funds to lapdogs and morons are none the wiser.


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