Saturday, November 07, 2020

Kansas Welcomes Back SecState Pompeo?!?!

Of course there's speculation of a return trip to the Sunflower State and how this top ranking politico will change the landscape . . . Whilst the super-minority Democratic Party might launch loud complaints, let's not forget that Conservatives might not be too jazzed about a recently demoted new boss cutting in front of line.

Take a look . . .  

Goodbye, Mike Pompeo

Pompeo has been a rare survivor amid the chaos and turnover on Trump's national security team, lasting the whole term, first as CIA director and then as secretary of state. But he was never exactly a Trumpist. There's little to suggest he shares the president's skepticism of "endless wars," his fondness for Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, or his suspicion of U.S.


Anonymous said...

So he's not a Trump flunkie, he just played one on television?

Anonymous said...

Trump is in love with Putin and Kim, and Trumptards call the opposition "commies"?


Should we view Tuesday as an "intervention" for all of them, or do they need a Reality 12-step program?

Anonymous said...

He coulda' been a Senator. He could've been somebody. Instead of a bum, which is what he is.

Renzi said...


Damn good reference man, and true as well.