Kansas Vs. Missouri Mask Mandate Debate

A local medical science border war emerges betwixt Democratic Party vs. GOP leadership.

In fairness to both sides, this argument is really about public health vs. civil liberties. 

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As KS Governor issues mask mandate, MO Governor does not

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KCTV) - On Wednesday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued a new mask mandate as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the state, but don't expect a mandate coming from Missouri. Missouri Governor Mike Parson is not calling for a mask mandate, something he insists should come from the local and county level.


  1. Parsons has blood on his hands. Your mama may die. And your daddy. My mama is locked in a nursing home, and home agencies wont help her get home. Shall I just forget it? Or...

    1. Obviously all lives don't matter except when politically convenient so forget her.

  2. Masks don't work idiot.

  3. Your mayors are responsible not the governor, people are so stupid.

    Besides it’s third world shithole dimwit run cities that are the problem, everybody else is fine.

  4. 15 days to slow the spread. Better safe than sorry.
    What's more fraudulent, Covid testing or the election results?

  5. We shouldn't need a mask before 10PM, cause that's when the Covid comes out according to our brilliant politicians and health "exerts". COVID is selective, we’ve discovered. It won’t affect Governor Gavin Newsom, lobbyists, and politicos at The French Laundry. It won’t touch his Aunt Nancy Pelosi or Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the hairdressers. It can’t affect the “essential” Governor Andrew Cuomo, or his equally COVID-resistant NYC Bill de Blasio on a non-essential walk or at the gym. Politicians can go to a Maui junket where they’ll be COVID-free. They’re smarter than you. They know how to mask up, wash hands, and stay home if they’re sick. That’s too science-y for you.

    What a fuckin joke.

  6. 7:18 is on the money.
    What they left out:
    Mayor 10-10-10 doing a photo opp with a group of women with no mask.
    He seemed as remorseful as Newsome.

    Idiots. Morons. Dumbasses. Call them as you see them.

    They are heartless to the poor who rely on shut down eateries and small businesses for their jobs.

    If the poor are hungry- and they are- remember the Newsomes, Pelosis and the Mayor 10-10-10’s.

    Stupid at its finest.

  7. If they want to mandate masks they should provide us with those that actually filter out the virus.

  8. ....@ 6:56...READ THIS FUCKFEATHER.......

    FUK UP!

  9. It is the local and ironically named health departments that are keeping old people locked up in isolation in care homes while Covid works its way through the populations, not the governor. Blame them and the elected politicians who are following their leads for this vicious and callous indifference.

  10. @9:10 are you forgetting that the Governor is one of those "elected politicians" you hate so much? And has been since 2004.

    And the Governor is the only one who can make something like this happen State-wide, which is the only thing that might work, since those "elected politicians" on the local level can't close the Towns and Cities to prevent those rural folk who "ain't gonna let no damn Gummint tell them whut to do" coming in and infecting those of us who want to stay alive a while longer.!

  11. @8:34, good kool-aid this morning. Did the prog hive-mind get you all ramped up with an extra dose of caffeine? You stupid ignorant prog. Why aren't you demanding a shut down yearly for flu cases, why are you not demanding a lock-down for all driving. I mean, its all for the greater good.

  12. If a mask worked, the unseen virus would not spread. Most people who contract the illness, survive. The entire mess has become a pathetic joke. However, Bill, Melinda, GSK, Infertility, Death, and Depopulation may prove to be more successful. Enjoy! Bye-bye

  13. Your civil liberty only goes so far. It does not allow you to infect others. Typhoid Mary was imprisoned till death, to keep her from spreading typoid. And she claimed her whole life she never had it. But she was a carrier. She killed many of her close contacts and denied it. What a great friend she was!

  14. Remember people, obummer said the government paid for health insurance limited what procedures could be done because if you’re older than 70 you’re gonna die anyway so no life saving surgeries or medicines for you.

    A few years later a plandemic is taking out people over 70yrs old, suspicious? I think not.

  15. They did not restrict the activities or make to wear masks all of the people who were not carrying the disease like Typhoid Mary. False analogy.

  16. You don't need the government to tell you to wear a mask. Just wear it, if you want. You also should not desire a government so powerful that it can tell others to wear a mask against their will.

    Wear your mask, stay home, whatever makes you feel safe. If you do contract Covid, you have a 99.8 chance of surviving. You will probably be fine. Most people who have it say it was similar to a common cold. Don't get caught up in all the hype.


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