Kansas Politicos Question COVID Stats

Debating pandemic numbers is rough given the preponderance of newly minted epidemiologists and scientists online. 

However, here's one example and follow-up on political operatives encouraging doubt in the numbers.

Even better and more accurately: The Democratic hacks & The Reflector want to start a slap fight with the right wing hacks at The Sentinel and hope that somebody pays attention.

Take a peek  . . .

Lobbyist urges lawmakers to question accuracy of COVID-19 deaths, infections in Kansas | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - A frequent skeptic of COVID-19's impact in Kansas pressed a mostly maskless GOP-led panel Monday to verify reported death totals and refuse heavy restrictions that would cripple a floundering economy. As lobbyist Dave Trabert presented data undermining the increasing severity of the pandemic, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported another surge in infections and 10 more deaths.


  1. I'll take the Sentinel over half the shit Tony's posting here.

  2. The truth took a real beating in the diatribe from the Kansas Reflector. Thanks to Tony's KC for providing a separate link to my editorial that exposes their horribly misleading tale.


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