Kansas Lady Federal Execution Rescheduled

A reminder that the new administration is unlikely to forgive this lady who traveled across state line in order to cut a baby out of her victim and leave her for dead. 

Here's the update that reminds us that oftentimes "restorative justice" isn't an option . . .

New execution date set for Lisa Montgomery, convicted of killing Missouri woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A federal judge has set a new execution date for Lisa Montgomery, who was convicted of killing Bobbi Jo Stinnett and kidnapping her baby in Skidmore, Missouri in 2004. Montgomery is now scheduled to be put to death Jan. 12, 2021.


  1. Horray! Hell is waiting for her! Nothing worse than killing a pregnant woman. Only ISIS does that stuff anymore.

  2. Idea: Sell raffle tickets to raise money for the homeless vets. The winner of the raffle gets to execute her!

    You could make a fortune!

  3. At least they won't have to execute her chin. She doesn't have one.

  4. ^^But when did they ever execute chins Maude??? God, old people are so dull and boring.


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