Kansas Keep Waiting For Payout

Unemployment insurance proved unreliable for THOUSANDS of Sunflower State denizens during the pandemic and now officials are hoping to catch up amid the "dark days" of Winter 2020. 

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Kansas Labor Department working through a backlog of roughly 32,000 claims

The Kansas Department of Labor continues to receive complaints about missing payments and long hold times as it works through a backlog of roughly 32,000 claims for various unemployment benefits.Jason Croft lives in Durham, Kansas.


  1. The entire Kansas Unemployment system needs to be trashed and replaced with a real system that helps real people who are hurt when they are unemployed.

  2. Ran by a bunch of special interest placement positions, only because they fit a special interest group. Ran like the streets of our city. But it is important to place people in positions only because of their color or religious beliefs. Biden in 2021 will show us this. Not the best or the most qualified.

  3. The government will fix everything.

  4. Granny guv is on top of this! But first you must stay home for the next six months and obey and conform then she might let you have some of her precious money, but until then pimp out your wife and kids and obey her every command.


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