Kansas Empty Suit Sends Trump Money

Sign of the times and a reminder that life in the Sunflower State hasn't really changed much despite "unprecedented times" and continued election slap fighting . . . Check-it:

Senator-elect Roger Marshall pledges financial support for President Trump

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - U.S. Senator-elect for Kansas Roger Marshall has pledged his financial support for President Donald Trump. Marshall said he is donating $20,000 to the Republican National Convention legal fund to "ensure our democracy is protected."


  1. Save your money, Roger - the American Voters already made sure "our Democracy was protected" on Tuesday!

  2. Trump won a lot of states now in the Biden column. The election for president needs to be done by one giant processing facility with high security and heavy scrutiny instead of by each state -- too many opportunities for corruption. Voter ID needed. Same rules for all states.

  3. Let's just say Marshall's brain is far superior to Bollier's brain. Listen to them speak for a few minutes and you'll agree.

  4. hes a dam fool for watseing his money on trump they are heading to prison


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