Kansas Election Violence Starts Early

Another peek at people taking politics far too seriously was we reach a 2020 voter climax. Still, a recent red state drama that should offer people inspiration to avoid fights over paper that will be meaningless in 40 hours.

Take a look:

Three shot in Topeka after alleged political sign theft

The election cycle turned violent in Topeka, Kansas, over the weekend. Police are investigating if a triple shooting started with the theft of political signs. Officers were called to the 1300 block of Northwest Eugene Street after witnesses heard multiple gunshots around 11:10 p.m. Saturday. One person was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.


  1. How stupid. I used to think shooting people over horses was crazy. Or over a stolen loaf of bread. But this?

  2. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY11/3/20, 3:45 AM

    Trump sign-stealers = Jean Valjean?

    Hahaha no.

  3. im gonna guess it was a Trump sign


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