Kansas Democrats Working To Cancel Politico Troll Aaron Coleman Party Affiliation

It's an obscure party rule but it might hold up . . . Behind the scenes Kansas Democratic Party leaders hope to strip newly elected politico of some of his privileges over "lack of good-faith party affiliation" following his latest stunt.

In normal circumstances this might be a bad deal if Mr. Coleman was serious about progressive politics. However, most suspect that he's actually an alt-right troll who is being disingenuous by calling himself a member of the Democratic Party. 

The effort to remove him from any official Democratic Party participation is quickly gaining steam as consultants have drafted a few pressers to send to Kansas media formally denouncing any partnership with Mr. Coleman.

In reality this isn't an unprecedented step and seems more likely than the young politico stepping down or quitting his constant trolling. 

Check more MSM background on the hot mess, a sign that voter engagement wasn't as great as most suspect . . . And a young dude wasting a chance at political office in order to entertain social media.

State Rep-elect from KCK vows to "call out a hit" on Kansas governor, says 2022 primary will be "extremely bloody"

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The 20 year old who defeated a seven-term legislator to capture KCK's representation in the Kansas House of Representatives released a tirade of tweets in the days after being elected, calling Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly a Republican and saying he will "call a hit out on you."


  1. What for? He is the perfect Democrat representative.

  2. ^^^ exactly! Hahahahaha!

  3. Sounds like an idiot.

  4. ^^^ the perfect demoncrap idiot! Lmao!

  5. KEEP AARON !11/6/20, 9:44 AM

    KEEP COLEMAN ! We in Kansas want him to be the man representing WYCO in the state house. We also want him there to rub your noses in the shit you dumbasses cause for yourselves.

  6. they are trying their hardest to get him re
    -elected arent they?

  7. He’s no different than aoc, commila, peelousy, schoemer, nadler, Omar and sharice licking bulldyke. They all have even worse ideas and have said so.

    He’s a perfect fit for the future of the despicable depraved dimwit party.

  8. ^^And yet that party just beat the shit out of your weak, pussy party. Weird


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