Kansas City Vaporware Bridge Debuts

Check this pretty picture from the Biz Journal that will NEVER happen but will continue inspire locals who hate cars, drivers . . . And probably their parents. 

Take a peek . . .

Downtown Council aims to bring Columbus Park, River Market together again - Kansas City Business Journal

Downtown Kansas City stakeholders have solicited public thoughts on multiple possibilities for creating a more cohesive multimodal transportation system around Columbus Park and the River Market. The Downtown Council of Kansas City will accept online feedback through Nov.


  1. I smell new tracks being funded for KC's own toy train!!

  2. Fine by me, as long as no tax money is used to do it,
    Otherwise, HELL NO!

  3. In the middle of a financial crisis the boy blunder wants to spend money on something that’s not needed, this boy is the worst thing to evar happen to killer kc. Too bad he didn’t try to save businesses and the people working from financial ruin, now everybody will move from killer kc to better more affordable towns and cities across Missouri.

  4. even worse 6:02, the toy train is going to continue from riverfront through the east bottoms, over to Manhchester Winchester Manchester, then connect to Kauffman Cleaver and the Cheescake factory.

  5. At grade crossings at 3rd and 5th streets on MO 9 Highway. That is working so well on MO 71 Highway. What could go wrong.

  6. Most of the city's roads are in dire need of maintenance, so, by all means, build new ones .


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