Kansas City Turkey Day Drinking 2020

Boozy celebration was ruined this year and that's probably for the best. 

Still, we share a triple shot of pandemic bar talk to late night readers:

KCTV5: COVID-19 health regulations collide with the biggest drinking night of the year

KSHB: KC bar owners upset with establishments violating COVID-19 restrictions

Fox4: 'We haven't seen any stop to it': Deadly crashes, fueled by speed and alcohol, rise in KC area amid pandemic

Moreover . . .

Midtown residents might notice a few more po-po on the street overnight given that holiday boozing is a proud Kansas City tradition.


And be careful.


  1. Nice try.

    Mayor Q beat his DUI charge.

    And so can U!

  2. The bars were packed.


  3. Most of the deadly crashes are rolling gun battles brought to us by the black community. How do we get blacks out of our country?

  4. Only beginning to see the unintended consequences of across the board shut downs and stay at home orders. Kind of like using a hammer for brain surgery. History will not remember kindly Dr. Fauci and his ilk.

  5. The woman in that picture is nosey

    she has a jewish schnaazzz

  6. ^^^ Don't bemean, she's all the Black Dude haazzzzz.

  7. 8:58am...you're wrong....Hebes don't hang out with shvartzes!

  8. SCREW THESE "CAPTCHA" puzzles....WHAT AM I? A THIRD GRADER? Pick the picttures of the taxis. Seriously....you need a magnifying glass to see the fucking picture anyway.

  9. And yet, @10:13, there's a photo...

    Oh, and @10:14 - hang in there, you'll make it to Third Grade level someday.

  10. ^^ Yet no place does it prove she is Jewish. Photo or no photo. Perhaps you'll read his statement next time. Can you read? She must think she is a Kardashian, like you think you're Einstein. If that is your point.

  11. The state goes by the zipcode they're born in, if those demographics don't show a Jewish population then it's up to the defendant to show religious history. Native Americans are issued a prisoner of war number at birth.


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