Thursday, November 19, 2020

Kansas City Thursday Night Layout

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KC Friendly Skies Await

KCI expecting Thanksgiving to bring busiest passenger travel days since mid-March

PLATTE COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Today, the CDC recommended against traveling for Thanksgiving. They recommend limiting gatherings to the people in your household. In spite of those recommendations, many families are proceeding with their plans for the holiday, and that may include air travel.

Cowtown Now Hiring

We're Hiring: CarMax has more than 100 open jobs in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - CarMax has more than one hundred job opportunities around Kansas City, and some of them come with a sign-on bonus. The majority of the local job opportunities are for a position as a Customer Experience Consultant at the Customer Experience Center in Olathe, which includes a $500 sign-on bonus and a $2,000 sign-on bonus for bilingual associates who speak Spanish.

Front Line Illuminated

Kansas City's essential workers to be honored at 91st annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony

The Country Club Plaza and Evergy are pleased to announce that the virtual "flip of the switch" for the 91st Annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony will pay tribute to Kansas City's essential workers - the heroes of the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diva Demands More

Unsatisfied With Her $400 Million Net Worth, Jennifer Lopez Wants Even More

"Why can't we build not one multibillion-dollar business, but three or four?" Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez teased the launch of her latest venture: J.Lo Beauty. And while she says that's the realization of a lifelong dream, she's not stopping anytime soon.

Team Trump Makes Its Case

Giuliani presses Trump election challenge case in fiery news conference

President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Thursday aggressively made the case for the Trump campaign's legal challenge of the 2020 election results, alleging in a firery news conference that there was a "centralized" plan to carry out voter fraud around the country.

Clowning The Case

Biden team belittles 'spectacle' of sweaty Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani pushing vote fraud conspiracy claims

President-elect Joe Biden's campaign on Thursday belittled President Donald Trump's legal team for promoting "thoroughly discredited claims of voter fraud," allegations that have failed to convince judges, elections officials or much of the American public.


'Anomalies' Found In Census Could Thwart Trump's Bid To Alter Electoral College

The Census Bureau has uncovered routine "anomalies" in the results of this year's national count that may force the bureau to miss a legal reporting deadline. That outcome could thwart President Trump's unprecedented attempt to change who is counted in numbers that determine each state's share of congressional seats and Electoral College votes for the next decade.

Turkey Day Caution

CDC urges Americans against traveling for Thanksgiving as coronavirus outbreak worsens

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday recommended Americans against traveling for Thanksgiving to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Dr. Henry Walke, CDC's Covid-19 incident manager, said there is "no more important time than now for each and every American to redouble our efforts to watch our distance, wash our hands and, most importantly, wear a mask."

Royally Screwed

Prince Charles and Camilla's popularity at 'risk' over The Crown - expert

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More Po-Po Good Deeds

KC police donate part of their paychecks to fund for first responders

The pandemic has hit nonprofit fundraising hard this year. It is no different for the Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment.SAFE provides financial support for families of fallen first responders. The Kansas City Police Department figured out a way to support a cause that supports each other.Overland Park, Kansas police Officer Mike Mosher was killed in the line of duty in May.

Good Cause Pix

PHOTOS: Take a look inside the new $200M HQ for Children's Mercy Research Institute - Kansas City Business Journal

Scientists and medical researchers already have begun puzzling over pediatric medicine's most perplexing questions as Children's Mercy Research Institute nears an early 2021 grand opening for its new $200 million headquarters.

November Cool Down Awaits

Friday will be cooler


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Anonymous said...

The most incredible thing about all this "Voter Fraud" crap is that some people still claim they believe the shit Trump and his extremely well-paid (from your tax dollars)hirelings like Giuliani are trying to pimp.

Anonymous said...

Rudy is your fucking lawyer? Nevermind the hair dye running down his face.
Dude literally blew his nose into his hanky and then used the side he blew his nose into to wipe the sweat off his grill. It was fucking disgusting. It's basically a metaphor for the Trump administration.

Damn All Marxists said...

And you really believe Sloppy Joe got 9 million more votes than Obama, who's pic you fap to every night?

Anonymous said...

The Democraps have made cheating and lying a fine art in America. Congrats to the Democraps. You've got to hand it to them -- they've finally become good at something. It sure hasn't been leading the country.

Anonymous said...

Biden's handlers are mad about not getting access to the White House yet because they need some time to install The Clapper in every room for Crazy Joe gets in there.

Anonymous said...

^^^ lulz!

Clapper joe only needs those in the very special room called the bunker, where they plan on moving the west wing. Dementia joe wants it this way until the all clear sirens go off when the Germans stop bombing! Lmao!

Good ole five deferments for asthma draft dodger joe! He da man!

Anonymous said...

^^^@11:02 there was not cure for Asthma in the 1960s (still isn't) whereas two weeks rest cures bone spurs.

And isn't seeing "Conspiracies against me" everywhere you look a pretty good indication of Dementia?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Charlie Horse, I do believe it because I'm not a fucking Q knob slob Infowars dip shit.

You got a new POTUS, deal with it Trumptard.

And if you want to put together a coherent anti-Democracy legal strategy you probably want someone besides that fucking old quack Rudy.