Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kansas City Thursday News Dance

On this #TBT morning we just noticed 47-year-old hottie Heidi still dancing to promote a new line of panties and that inspires THIS compilation of pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Kansas City Hard Times For Holidays Ahead

Pandemic prompts major changes to Della Lamb's Operation Holidays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The effort to keep holiday traditions alive will take extra work this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Organizations that typically provide gifts and meals for local families are now forced to find new ways to satisfy the need, including Della Lamb Community Services.

Tough Sell Downtown

Downtown KC Office Summit sees bright future, led by newer offerings - Kansas City Business Journal

Downtown Kansas City's office market evokes a freshly developing Polaroid snapshot: Although it promises a pretty picture eventually, an array of details remains fuzzy for now. Local and national commercial real estate analysts prognosticated Tuesday about what lies in store for Downtown's office market, based on pandemic trends and methods for driving growth.

Courthouse Blames Part-Timer For Election Outbreak

Jackson County election official explains likely source for at least 30 staff testing positive for COVID-19

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) - - One local election office is grappling with staffers who've now tested positive for COVID-19, likely contracted during the voting process. Jackson County election officials have just confirmed that 30 paid election workers have tested positive, two of them hospitalized.

Heidi Hotness Endures

Heidi Klum flashes her cleavage and supermodel legs in vintage Mugler

Heidi Klum showed off her incredible supermodel body when she posed in a vintage Thierry Mugler dress, perching on the side of the stage. The 47-year-old flashed her cleavage and long legs in the navy number which had an plunging neckline and a huge split going up the front on Instagram on Wednesday.

Prez Trump Fighting For White House Pays Off

Trump's fraud claims a boon for his and his allies' fundraising

Trump's insistence that there was voter fraud and demands for recounts are helping create post-election unity among his base, and raise money the president can use to keep his political career afloat after January, political fundraisers and campaign finance experts told POLITICO.

Prez Trump Will Never Quit And He Doesn’t Have To

What if Trump never concedes? The Constitution will end his term, conservative lawyer John Yoo says

The conservative lawyer John Yoo is among the latest legal voices to throw water on U.S. President Donald Trump's attempts to reverse the result of the 2020 election with claims of voter fraud.

Comeback For Bernie?!?!

Bernie Sanders says he would accept Labor secretary job if Joe Biden asks

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that he would accept the job of Labor secretary if President-elect Joe Biden asked him to join his Cabinet.

Briefs For Prez-Elect Biden?!?!

GOP Senator Says He'll "Step In" If Biden Doesn't Get Security Briefings by the End of the Week

Democrats Have a Much Bigger Problem Than the Senate or the Electoral College The Real Threat of Trump's Ridiculous Coup Attempt Trump Is Making a Serious Attempt to Hold Onto Power Republicans Have No Way to Get Off the Trump Train So far, the Republican response to President Donald Trump's ludicrous attempt to cling to the presidency through the courts hasn't exactly been a profile in courage.

Fox News Doubt Revealed

Fox News anchor goes viral for reacting on hot mic to guest doubting Biden win

An anchor on Fox News has gone viral after she was caught on a hot microphone expressing disbelief that a guest on the network would cast doubt on projections that Joe Biden Joe Biden Feds charge Staten Island man over threat to Schumer, FBI Pence cancels vacation in Florida: report Romney shoots down serving in Biden Cabinet MORE has been elected president.

Local Social Media No Fun Without Trolling?!?!

Social media platform gaining in popularity: users say they're tired of 'censorship'

GARDNER, KS (KCTV) - It's the social media platform conservatives are flocking to in droves. "Parler" has been gaining popularity since the election. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, some conservatives say they've had enough! "They are tired of one side doing not fair reporting and one big tech doing censorship," said Don Harvey of Gardner, Kansas.

Skate Kaput

Lee's Summit skating rink closing its doors after 46 years because of pandemic

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - It's the end of an era for a Lee's Summit skating rink. Landmark2 Skate is closing its doors this month because of the pandemic. Owner Charlie Johnson broke the news this month on Facebook. Trina Anderson's husband, whom she met at the skating rink in 7th grade, saw if first.

Slight Warm Up Today

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Anonymous said...

Trump will be easier to ignore in the very near future. Just another old man ranting after January 20th.

Anonymous said...

I hope they make him perp walk out of the White House on January 20th. That will be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Didn't trump get impeached for getting briefs before becoming president? even then he was an official president elect not self described president elect.

Unknown said...

Just another old man ranting. Perfect description of lame duck Biden!

Bandit said...

Economics 101. Pay attention socialist dummies. When you libtards make it too expensive to operate in your little utopia, businesses can and will move operations to someplace else where the business climate is more friendly.

The same shit happens with people living in those little utopias. It's why I left Kansas Shitty and will never spend another dime there.

Anonymous said...

I hope Biden considers Lucas for a cabinet job. He would be ideal as Secretary of Chickenshit Lying Homosexuals Department.

Anonymous said...

^^and we are so relieved your gone! The collective IQ of the city actually went up! Rest assured we don't miss you as much as you miss us, evidenced by your continued posts about the vibrancy of our magnificent city

Anonymous said...

The demonic Democraps had to cheat their way to the top post. Now, they'll pay for it big time in the 2022 elections. That's when the Republicans will take back the House and have the Senate. Biden's initiatives will go nowhere. Welcome to the world of karma, Democrapic bitches!

Anonymous said...

Biden is a known security risk, compromised by his Chinese Communist business dealings. Further, he has not been certified as the winner of the election yet and so does not have any official standing despite the pretentious of the legacy media that they get to decide who won the election. He should not be receiving security briefings. In fact, this illegitimate president, should be facing a Special Counsel investigation and impeachment if he ever illegally takes the oath of office.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet not one thing you said is true. Biden is your President. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Great. A president suffering from dementia and a Vice President who is a whore.

Anonymous said...

Pinko and the Hole great.....

Anonymous said...

^^better than a President suffering from dementia who pisses his pants, can't drink without two hands, has trouble walking down stairs and a vice president who's a closeted fag. Which is what we have right now. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^. She will be puttin’ out for Putin pretty soon. Then other foreign dignitaries will be lining up and running a train on our new leader of foreign affairs. It will be a proud new day for America.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Trumpers don't care about the Trump family's business dealings in China. Trump ties anyone?

Anonymous said...

^^ Business dealings Jasper, not extortion like the Biden crime family. Typical stupid lib.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is a Communist.

He looks just like the old East German Communist Dictator Erick Honecker.

Anonymous said...

Secret Service will be lined up doggy styl'in Kamala Harris.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man Democrats must be super good at criming because they apparently get away with everything while Trumptards seem to all get charged.

Or, I don't know, maybe the Dems haven't done any of the cockamamie shit that Trumptards are accusing them of? Haha, it's fucking laughable. Trumptards are like the wet bandits of the political world.