Friday, November 13, 2020

Kansas City Thanksgiving Takeout 2020

Nobody is coming over for the holidays and making an EPIC turkey sandwich is just too easy. 

Here's a middle-class guide to make locals feel better about the cancelled holiday.

Take a look . . .

Why Cook When You Can Order Thanksgiving From These Local Eateries? - In Kansas City

Ordering In Never Tasted So Good This Thanksgiving is going to be one for the record books-likely only a small family get-together or maybe a meal with your quaran-team. Regardless, you can still enjoy a traditional (or not-so-traditional) dinner. Check out these local bistros, butcher shops, and bakeries eager to help you indulge on Turkey...

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Anonymous said...

I’m going to have a nice turkey dinner and watch football. Wild Turkey Country Bourbon Whiskey 101 proof. Then I’m going to the plaza and find a hot slut to get on. Just like every Thanksgiving.