Thursday, November 26, 2020

Kansas City Super Spreader Homecoming???

Another dire medical warning from Kansas City newsies who, clearly, don't have much influence to scare thousands of locals from venturing back this cowtown but still hopefully staying far away from granny. 

Check-it . . . 


Thanksgiving Travelers Fly Into Kansas City Amid Coronavirus Warnings

Joni Breidenthal was waiting in the Terminal B concourse with her daughter Laney. Waiving a "welcome home" sign, the mother and sister welcomed Laney's sister Julia, who attends the Coast Guard Academy, with a group hug complete with tears and laughter. Still, the airport was noticeably quiet before the younger Breidenthal's arrival.


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't they fly in? After all the planes are in the skies aren't they? Does anyone expect empty planes to fly, or do they want them to be grounded so they can help the globalists come in a take over after trashing everyone's jobs, which they are doing now anyway.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ what’s with all this doom and gloom dark winter bullshit? Ain’t nothing changed since the beginning of the plandemic, except the fact China flu joe and his hoe are in charge... kinda. We have medicine and now at least two vaccines and they’ve ramped up the rhetoric. I’m still trying to find the logic in all these lies and deceit.

Will all this go away come January 20th? I’m betting so.

Jim said...

Super Spreader? Do you mean to tell me Kamala Harris is coming to KC? She came up the hard way, under Willie Brown.

Anonymous said...

The inauguration will be the biggest super spreader event known to man kind, better cancel it or there won’t be any room in the hospitals, the fat fake dr rexy said so, it has to be true if he said it amirite! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

We had a big Thanksgiving Dinner.

Sadly Granny died of Covid at the table, then Grandpa, then Uncle Ned and Aunt Esther. Deader than Joe Biden at one of his rallies.

We stacked them up on the front porch and Dr. Unsexy Rexy Archer drove up in his morticians limo and picked up Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Ned and Aunt Esther to throw them on the funeral pyre at City Hall.

We gave Rexy a turkey drumstick and some giblets for his efforts.

Rexy placed the dressing in his beard and said he would eat it later for a snack.

Anonymous said...


When Julia stepped off the plane in KCMO, she was puzzled to find family and friends all sporting facemasks!!!